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Does a woman need to work at all? If so, where and by whom? Many thousands of years ago, a woman was engaged in home: she gave birth and raised children, kept the family hearth, led life, handicrafts and inspired her man. Now there are not so many children, and the material situation is not very stable, besides, many live without a man - support and protection. Therefore, it remains to defend oneself, get our daily bread and feed our children. But even if there are no difficulties with finances and “support”, almost everyone wonders about self-realization, because women have a lot of energy and a lot of potential that remains unclaimed. How to deal with this?

Before now

According to Vedic knowledge, a woman should not work at all. If we turn to old times, we will see that the energy of a woman and her realization have found application in the family. A large family, their home, household, life, inspiration of the husband brought a lot of worries and troubles. And the woman had to combine in her person both the teacher, and the nurse, and the cook, and the home doctor, and the psychologist, and the organizer, and many more. Now this is not the case: there were fewer children in families, kindergartens, schools, hospitals appeared. Many now live not in houses, but in apartments, which is much simpler, there is no household (gardens, flower gardens, animals). In this situation, women still have a lot of unrealized energy (and in order to spend it, they arrange clarification of relationships and scandals), a woman feels dissatisfaction: she can do a lot, but does nothing. And she starts to work.

A woman gives a lot of time and effort to work, so she doesn’t have so many opportunities to fulfill her female duties: full time, way to and fro, pick up children from school, cook dinner, clean the house, meet her husband, wash, iron. In the end, she feels completely exhausted. And, of course, there is no longer any time left for yourself and your beloved one: not up to a haircut, a manicure, meetings with girlfriends, reading favorite books and just a pleasant walk in the park. In general, some kind of vicious circle. Or family, or work. What to do? Specialist in Vedic knowledge O.G. Torsunov says that you can combine work with building a happy and strong family, but for this it is necessary to adhere to a number of conditions.

A woman is recommended to work no more than 4 hours a day.

This is the perfect option. Even more beautiful, if your schedule is flexible, and you decide what precious hours of your life to devote to work. At the same time, you manage to do a lot of things around the house, slowly and leisurely, calmly and lovingly cook dinner, take time for yourself, read, dream, help make the child learn lessons, and pamper her husband with a relaxing massage.

Find a job related to communication

It is desirable that this was communication with other women - like minded people. For example, the joint occupation of creativity - needlework or interior design. This may be the interests of childcare or general work in a cosmetics company.

Do not put work in the first place

This condition is related to prioritization. How many times have many women been burned, putting career interests above the needs of the family. Work today is, tomorrow is not, and close people are always there. Understand that work is beautiful, but still not the most important part of your life.

Work must be FAVORITE

You have one life, and spending it on something that does not bring pleasure is stupid and criminal towards yourself. When you do what you truly love, you do it with joy and ease. I will say more - it is even not a waste of energy, but its receipt, because you leave from work filled and inspired!

Do what's close to you right now.

You know, I used to think that I was fickle. And everyone around me said this: "You have already decided what you want to do, and then a year - there, half a year - there ...". And I believed. Until I found out that this is normal! It is natural for a woman to change and change your tastes and preferences. Men can work all their life in one area and have fun. For women, everything is different - two years ago I was an economist, and then for some reason I decided to become a psychologist, and soon, perhaps, I would like to start taking pictures or teach painting. Sometimes it happens that you choose a university, you study for five years, you also pay big money and then you understand - and I don’t want to be the one I studied for. Do not want - try yourself in what you like. Did you like it? Try in another. You owe nothing to anyone.

Love yourself!

So - what to do? Looking for a job to the soul, which would leave strength for family, privacy and self-care. Or stop giving all their present work. There is a saying: “Those who are lucky, they also upload!”. Of course, if you have already gained the authority of a responsible, hardworking employee who will go to work on weekends, and take a couple of reports home, and he hasn’t been on vacation for two years, it will be difficult at first. But you are strong - you can handle it! Just behave differently - stop "plowing", feel yourself a woman, and your attitude to you will change. You will see that they will begin to respect more, and they will also increase their salary.

Female energy is your strength. Ask yourself - where are you sending it? Do you give it to your children, husband, beloved work, or do you feed her boss, colleagues and clients? Answer this question and understand who the main people in your life are. Take care of yourself, take care of yourself and use your female power for the benefit of yourself and your family. I wish you balance, balance and harmony in all respects!

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