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Work abroad seems to many to be a beautiful fairy tale - both are worthy of payment, and conditions are favorable, and the attitude is completely different, it’s a sin not to go abroad. Women imagine ideal pictures of living, cherish the dream of marrying a foreigner. The reality speaks about something else entirely - the most demanded women's professions are nannies, housekeepers and waitresses, and the pay is rather modest.

But if you nevertheless firmly decided to leave the borders of your native country and at least taste some foreign life, for a start, please note that there are a lot of difficulties and problems ahead of you. Not everyone can get comfortable in a foreign country and accept its mentality. And, of course, you should clearly understand why you are going there - to unwind, learn a language or earn a decent amount of money.

Job search abroad

Recall that you can and appreciate how your skills will be useful abroad. This is very important because, having even two diplomas of higher education, you can not find a job in the desired field. Abroad, people rarely ask for diplomas, where they lose their value. A good option if you received an invitation from a foreign company that is interested in you. But since education systems vary in different countries, then there will be able to find work there, for example, translators, photographers, programmers, designers, stylists and restaurateurs. And other specialties that are based on the specifics of legislation, economics and other features of a country have a small chance of being in demand.

But the profession of heavy physical labor in Europe is very much in demand, those that do not require any special skills. Even the residents of these countries themselves do not always eagerly go to such work, so they have to invite foreign citizens for this. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that after a long fruitless search you will have to get such a job, even if in Russia you would not have thought to work in such a profession.

If you are already set up to work that does not require any knowledge and skills, then you can be sure that you will definitely find such work. Particularly high demand for household workers - nannies, carers or cleaners. The main requirements for such a profession - is the age from 25 to 60 years, the absence of bad habits and chronic diseases. And these studies are not simple, as it may seem at first glance. The working day usually has no schedule and can last up to 12 hours. But employers will provide you with free accommodation and food, and if you are lucky, you may be included in the family circle.

Also, couples can find joint work abroad. For example, you can get a family where a man will be busy in a garden or farm, and a woman will work in a household. Payment will not be fabulous, an average of about 700-100 dollars, and for two. Not super, of course, but this is in view of the payment for accommodation and meals by the employer.

Another area where there are always a lot of vacancies is tourism and the service sector, where you can find work in restaurants, shops, canteens and cafes. Also in demand are work in agricultural areas. For example, Greece and Cyprus constantly recruit workers to harvest, which lasts a whole year.

Seasonal workers are also constantly required in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Scandinavia. In such countries, work can be found for different periods, ranging from a few weeks to several months. The salary also does not please, on average, on such work, you can earn about 800-1000 euros per month, but this is after deducting the cost of accommodation and meals.

Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Poland, Greece, Latvia, USA, Switzerland, etc. can be included in the list of countries where both workers with education and cheap labor are always required.

How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud in finding work abroad?

Abroad can be reached in an illegal and legal way. In reality, many of our citizens leave the borders of Russia without even issuing a work visa. But some certainly prefer to take care of the visa, and this is certainly the right decision. An illegal tourist has almost no rights before an employer and may become a victim of fraudsters, or even, as regards women, to become sexually enslaved. Such cases still occur when a woman, not convinced of the reliability and credibility of the company or employer, goes to work abroad. So the more information you have about your future work, the better. You can ask friends, maybe someone had experience abroad and will advise you a serious company.

What should alert you in choosing a company? You should beware of such companies that do not provide you with an official license for their activities, and also it is better to choose firms with experience of at least five years.

  • It would be more correct if you entrust the choice of work to an employment agency abroad. Do not fall for all sorts of tricks scammers, do not give them the documents, do not schedule meetings with suspicious people on the street. Remember that abroad you are in an increased risk zone. Some firms intermediaries for employment may require an advance payment for their work, but as long as you have not entered into a working contract, you may not pay them. Carefully read your work contract, if you find something incomprehensible there, be sure to check. Also study in the contract the wording of the termination of the contract and payment of salaries, all this should be spelled out clearly and clearly.
  • Do not hesitate to ask the employer any questions at the beginning of employment, because it is better to ask again now than to get into an unforeseen situation. Be sure to specify how you will get to the place of work and back, what the schedule will be, your responsibilities, whether you will have social and medical insurance.
  • Do not come abroad only by one invitation, you must have already concluded a working contract. And once in a new country, you should immediately register with the diplomatic embassy of the country and this will help you to avoid unforeseen situations, such as natural disasters, problems with your employer. Pay special attention to your documents, they should always be with you, and especially do not give them to anyone for storage. Indeed, in the event of their loss, there will be much more problems than if they are lost in their native country.
  • Do I need to know the language of the country to which you are going to go? Of course, this will be a huge plus for you, since abroad you have to communicate with new people, go to the shops and talk with your employer. All this will give you confidence and help in many situations. It is not necessary to study the language thoroughly, but at least you need to know general phrases.

Work abroad is attractive for many women: it seems to them that there it is possible to have time for everything - to find a job and a husband, moreover, to diversify one’s everyday life. But everything is not as simple as it seems - there are many pitfalls in working abroad, therefore, the more attention you pay to the future country and the choice of work, the more chances that nothing unexpected will happen to you.

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