Wonderful world of puzzles

The importance of folding puzzles was mentioned repeatedly. But it is very difficult to make a choice in a huge variety of goods on the shelves of children's stores. It may be worthwhile to decide on a purchase at home, so that it would not be painfully long to examine the numerous boxes with the design.

Rubber mat

Large elements in the form of squares can connect any of the side surfaces. In one set usually 10-20 squares, which allows you to create a small multi-colored oasis for the child. There is a more simplified version, when the pieces of the rug differ only in color and can be connected in any sequence. And there is more difficult when inside each element there are figures that are made up of small pieces.

Judging by our practice, children from young and old love to play on such a carpet. But small details must disappear somewhere, disappear under the bed, are lost sight of. Ultimately, only the “frame” for the drawing remains on the hands, and most of the internal elements are missing. From a practical point of view, it is better to give preference to a solid square pad-puzzle. But if you consider how many happy moments my children spent collecting pictures, I am glad that a complicated model appeared in our life.

Drawing on polyfoam or the rubberized sole

The thickened shape makes it easy to grip with your fingers, which is very popular with children. That's just one "But!" - one-year-old children are trying to try "on the tooth" a multi-colored puzzle piece, leaving bite marks on it. And the older ones are already switching their attention to the usual cardboard models. So the "service life" of such puzzles is usually low.

Large pieces of puzzles

Thick cardboard can withstand the onslaught of the child for some time. Just enough for the baby to learn to put a couple of pieces together. Ideal are sets that include pictures of 3, 5, 7 and 10 parts. For starters, you can get a picture of 3 and 5 pieces out of the box to show an example of folding the picture. And only then, when the child will be able to connect them independently, suggest the remaining images. Large pictures with typewriters, animals, fruits or vegetables are best for kids.

Small items in a compact box

Sometimes in a newsstand, in an open street tray, or even in a children's store, small boxes with small pieces of puzzles are found. The drawing on them "leaves much to be desired", the elements in places are still interconnected and you have to cut them with nail scissors ... As a rule, a very rough execution of a smart idea.

In general, I would advise these puzzles only as the most extreme option to add to the main presentation. It is these types of puzzles that least attract children. In the absence of the best, this version of the game will do.

Puzzles 3D

Once parents with children made dollies or even locks from handy means. And now in the market of children's products there are a myriad of 3D puzzles that make it easier for parents.

It is worth remembering that preschoolers and elementary school students are unlikely to be able to sort out all the nuances of collecting a voluminous subject. Therefore, if you were presented with 3D puzzles, be ready for a joint pastime and a detailed design collection.

Spherical puzzles

One of the most original solutions for puzzles. All pieces are made of plastic, identical in shape and size. Stickers are usually packed separately. It turns out that parents with children need not only to assemble a ball, but at the very beginning to glue a picture onto each piece of the puzzle. Then the ball is assembled on a special stand from a variety of elements. We had a ball with dinosaurs, and friends created a toy "aquarium." Sometimes, the children dropped the ball on the floor, it broke, and we collected it again. So this toy puzzle lasted long enough.

The world of puzzles is amazing and many-sided. Open it with your children, no matter how old they are! Read about the benefits of the puzzle in the article Puzzles: Make a life out of pieces of happiness.

This is a great opportunity to talk more with the child, talk heart to heart, get close in a single job. I wish you happiness!

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