Women's resentment towards men

How often do women like to save grievances on men, and men, in turn, absolutely do not understand why they were offended? But girls really perceive little things more painful and sharper than men. Just women are so arranged and nothing can be done about it: they are jealous, picky and curious than men, but this is not a minus, but rather their peculiarity.

Many couples do not have enough romance in permanent long-term relationships, and if men treat this as a given, women cannot accept the coldness in a relationship, they need passion and tenderness, and even scandals sometimes. A rather banal situation: a woman returns home from work and wants to unwind after a hard day with her beloved in the cinema, while her beloved is sitting at the computer, playing an online game and is not going to go anywhere.

A woman begins to wind herself up, feels unnecessary, and as a result, the whole evening sulks at the man, and then she will remember him for a very long time. And when the man next time asks her about something, she will either do it with a sour expression on his face, or refuse at all, citing the fact that he, too, does not do anything. To some extent, she will be right, but a man may not understand why the woman herself was offended.

One of the most important moments in a relationship is not to hold insults, just think how much energy and emotions you spend because of insults just for nothing. It should be more tolerant to your partner, because if he does not do it the way you want it, it does not mean that he does not love you and does not appreciate you. It is also important to give personal space to each other, otherwise at some point feelings will simply become a heavy duty. This almost always works smoothly, it is worth giving the partner more time for himself, allowing him to have small secrets and he wants to devote more time to you and tell everything, and if you control his every step, he will only move away.

Value individuality

The value of love is that the other person accepts us as we really are, with all the complexes and shortcomings. And when a partner tries to remake a loved one for himself, then this does not end with anything good.

For example, a woman who loved secular evenings and intellectual conversations in the company of friends believed that her partner should always be with her, so she invited him to various events. The man for the time being was dragging her in the evenings, but at the same time he went there with such a depressing expression on his face that neither he nor the woman had a good mood. And somehow, while sitting in her secular company, her lover began to carry vulgar jokes and generally behave inappropriately for this society, the woman quietly told him that she was ashamed of his behavior. The man was silent, but he hid his offense and never went with her to her events.

Women are very offended when a man does not share some of her hobbies, but isn't it easier to just let your partner go about her business, and at that time you can do what you are interested in?Of course, you can make a man keep around his skirt all the time, but for how long? And in general, any person, whether a man or a woman, wants his partner to support him under any circumstances. And if you are constantly blushing for your man, or if you think that if he does not support your interests, then he is an absolutely useless creature, consider whether it is worth continuing this relationship at all. Indeed, at a certain point, a man can leave himself, tired of constant complaints.


In women, it is in the blood to delve into relationships and look for flaws in them. “And why did he do it and not otherwise, why did he look at me like that, he doesn’t love me, how insensitive he is ...” And so on to infinity, while they are waiting for the same from men. But when they say the insidious phrase “we need to talk” to a man, for some reason, she does not cause much enthusiasm, and this is even more offensive to the woman.

It is necessary to understand that men do not have to dig in the relationship in the first place, and not even the second, and not the fifth, they are simply arranged differently. Only a girl can perform a report at work, think about what to cook for dinner and at the same time be engaged in analyzing relationships. A man cannot perform as many actions at once and therefore, due to the many tasks that are entrusted to him, debriefing in a relationship is removed from his field of vision. But not only because of this misunderstanding and feminine offenses occur, girls simply cannot clearly articulate what they want to convey to the men. For example, instead of clearly and clearly saying that she lacks warm and tender words addressed to herself, the girl is offendedly silent and shows discontent with her appearance.

Men are not clairvoyants, so it will be much easier to openly say if something does not suit you. Offense is to some extent shifting the search for a way out of the situation to another person and she does not bring anything useful in herself. It will be much more constructive to sit down together and talk, only in this way the partner can understand the reason for your offense.

He is not on purpose

Another major female mistake is to think that the partner behaves only with her because he does not respect, does not love, does not value or punishes for something. For example, going to a party with friends, a woman can be offended by the fact that her beloved never called her a whole evening and never wrote a text message, which means he doesn’t care where I am and what I do, she decides. But the girl could not even imagine that her beloved did not call simply because she did not want to look obtrusive, or did not want to distract her from the holiday.

Women often tend to think that a partner intentionally offends them, but this is not true, unless of course there was a series of your incomprehensible actions towards him before that. And if your ex called you several times a day, it doesn’t mean that your present one will do that either, all men are different and there is nothing surprising. In the same way, one man can give you sweets, flowers, constantly speak tender words, while another will delight you with gifts only on holidays and not at all lover of calf tenderness, but this does not mean that he does not care about you.

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In most cases, if a woman thinks that her partner deliberately causes offense to her, then most likely she has a very rare type of psychological tormentor, or these problems are far-fetched and she just needs to eat and talk to the man.

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