Women friendship

There are many aphorisms and statements on the topic of female friendship. A lot of films and filmed about it. Most men tend to believe that female friendship does not exist. But is it?

Is there a female friendship?

Despite the fact that the opinions of various people on this subject differ greatly, this issue is of great concern to us. According to the results of various sociological surveys, psychologists concluded that female friendship does exist. But still, with reservations, that is, until a man appears on the horizon, which is pleasant to both friends. Or only when they are friends from school. Or if one friend does not interfere with the family life of the second. Wherein, a third of the women surveyed are confident that, after all, female friendship does not exist. Most likely, such women had fake girlfriends who once betrayed them.

But the opinion of the majority of respondents is as follows: friendship between women is possible, but it is best to always keep friends at some distance, and still do not trust them one hundred percent.

  • In any relationship between two women, whatever one may say, envy will almost always be present. Be it a family relationship, success at work, success of children or expensive purchases. Even if you are trying to drive envious thoughts from yourself, they still appear.
  • It is difficult to be friends with two women, when one of them is married and the other is in "free flight". Married have their own problems, about which the second has not heard anything, and has never faced. In addition, a married woman takes away most of her free time. And an unmarried friend wants to go somewhere to rest at any time.
  • It is difficult to build relationships with two women of different social status.. After all, sooner or later there will be disagreements about where to go for a bite to eat (the better off will not want to go to a cheap cafe, and the less well off simply cannot afford an expensive restaurant), they will always look different. In the end, each of them has a different social circle and work.

It's no secret that even the closest friends are capable of betrayal. And just the closest. Just because they know most about you, they know all the secrets that may one day be made public. Of course it doesn't mean any girlfriend can betray. There are those who are faithful for life.

Why do women need to be friends?

Every person has need to communicate with other people. Once you just want to share boiling. The problems that put pressure on us. In this case, the girlfriend fits perfectly. This can be read in the article Who can and who can not talk about their problems?

In a difficult moment girlfriend will always support and help. He will give advice and tell you, from a women's point of view, how best to act in a given situation. In most cases, when some pleasant or unpleasant event occurs, we first call a friend. If we feel that she is really close to us.

That friend can tell something that is impossible to share, for example, with her husband. Naturally. In a rare case, my husband and I will gossip, for example, about the mother-in-law. BUT girlfriend will always understand.

What to do in order to maintain friendship?

Need to understand that friendship is the same job as marriage. In order for it not to fade, you need to constantly throw up firewood in its flame. Need to something to constantly invest in friendship.

  • If you want to your girlfriend was the person who will be near you all my life, that the role of a friend should choose a person who shares your basic outlook on life. After all, you will agree, what kind of friendship it will turn out, if you are, for example, a homebody, and your friend is an avid party girl. You have different values ​​in life, so you will never fully understand each other.
  • Remember who wants - he is friends, but does not try to rehabilitate and remake a girlfriend. If you have chosen her as your friend, it means that you have chosen her with all the advantages and disadvantages.

  • Need to try remove all jealousy from relationship with girlfriend. Learn to simply and sincerely rejoice in the success of your loved one!
  • Understanding is very important in a relationship. After all, if you condemn the actions of a friend, and she - yours, then what kind of friendship will it be?
  • You both have to make "contributions" to the future of your relationship.. Do not expect from a friend of good deeds, if they themselves are not very generous to them. First of all, you need to start with yourself.
  • In order not to wonder in the future "Is there a female friendship??", it costs initially more pay attention to the choice of a friend. Of course, there will always be friends and acquaintances in our lives, but friends should be chosen more scrupulous.

It is always necessary, with any rhythm of life, to try take time for friends. Even if you are incredibly busy, it does not cost anything to make a five-minute call to a friend when you drink coffee or go for a smoke break. Do not forget about important, for girlfriends, dates. You must be the first to congratulate them on important dates and events. If you always follow this rule, then your girlfriend will try to match you.

In conclusion, I would like to note that, according to scientists, women's friendship is much longer than men's friendship. In addition, friendship makes our life longer!

So, be friends on health!

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