Why men marry (according to the book of simon oaks)

Do you want to get married or would like to improve your relationship in marriage? Then this article is what you need. It offers an overview of the most interesting chapters from Simon Oaks' famous book, Why Men Get Married. This book is invaluable, if only because its author is a man, a former ladies' man who swore never to marry. Still, he broke his oath and is now a loving husband. How to squeeze the most convinced bachelor and bring him to the altar, how to become an indispensable companion of life for a man - Simon writes about all this in his book.

Sex, food, laundry

The original title of the book is "Marry for sex, food and laundry". What cynicism any woman exclaims! And what about love? Feelings are feelings, but why does a man marry because of feelings alone, he is so good with a woman. And marriage is something else, it is the mutual fulfillment of the needs of each other. Men do not like to cook and clean, if you show him that you are coping well with this, then he will think, perhaps marriage is not so bad. Already from childhood, the man was accustomed to female care: his mother was spoon-fed, worried that he would take breakfasts to school, and now he dreams of meeting the same caring woman.

Be sure to find out how his mother cooked, and what her favorite dish he loves the most, you will have to cook it in the same way. It is also important to determine who is a man by the type of food addiction:

Meat eater - he loves all fatter and fleshy. Do not feel sorry for the amount of portions on a plate, fill all the sauces and seasonings. The ideal dinner is fried potatoes with bacon pieces, kebabs of any kind and grilled meat with vegetables.

Gourmet - the most difficult type. This is difficult to please and if you did not work as a cook in a famous restaurant, then you will have to try. Cuisine from different countries, strict adherence to the recipe, delicious salads and gravy, dumplings are not exactly rolled here. But if you manage to please him, then he is already considered almost in your networks.

Omnivorous - the easiest is here. He will eat anything that comes to his hand - pizza, scrambled eggs, or regular macaroni and cheese. His main requirement is that the refrigerator is not empty, and the food is always waiting for him on the table!

Vegan - most likely he is a supporter of healthy natural food, so include plenty of fruits, vegetables and greens in your food.

Do not be jealous!

Remember one simple thing - men will never stop looking at other women, well, if only they are completely blind. You, too, for sure, look at the men and even imagine yourself with them in fantasy, but no more. Men also have the right to admire beautiful women, there is nothing terrible here. Therefore, there is no reason to be jealous of him for every skirt, you will only enrage him, but if of course you find him in bed with a cute blonde, then pack up and leave, and you can relax!

Be sexy but not available

A woman with a bright make-up, a short skirt and a frank neckline on a blouse, of course, awakens all his hidden desires in a man, but nothing more. They consider a woman with such an appearance as a girl for one night, but not as the mother of her children and faithful companion. This does not mean that you should forget about cosmetics and hide in a monk's robe, just real sexuality does not flaunt itself, but suggests enigma. A man should not see everything at once, otherwise he will not be interested.

Sometimes shake him

You managed to take a strong place in his life. You are gorgeous in bed, beautiful mistress and reliable friend. He has no reason to look around, since you arrange it absolutely in everything. Everything is cool, you have achieved what you wanted. But one serious trick may appear here - in time, he may just stop noticing, all that you are doing for him. Your indispensability can begin to be taken for granted, and this should not be allowed in any case. What to do? Show him what he can lose if he loses you. Here you can use several methods.

Method 1:leave to rest without him. An important amendment - it should not be your long-planned vacation or where you would like to go together, otherwise your man may not forgive such impudence. Go on a visit to distant relatives, or to some important seminar, wherever he doesn’t want to go with you. And during this period, a man will feel all the drawbacks of a bachelor life and will understand that it is not easy for one to live at all. Eating canned food, dirty laundry - this is not the whole list that a man will face. And on your arrival, he will understand that it is much easier to live together and feel your indispensability.

Method 2: change your usual schedule. You are always with him, and he knows what you do in the evening, and what about the morning, where you go on Saturday evening and where you rest with your girlfriends. This is of course stable, but very boring! At any moment he can catch you and harness him on his business, you have become his magic wand, which he uses for his needs. Favorite woman should not cause such emotions, she should be different, unpredictable, interesting! Break your usual routine, for example, if you constantly go to fitness on Wednesdays and Fridays, sometimes go on Tuesdays and Thursdays, return home a little later or earlier, unexpectedly arrange an evening outing with girlfriends, and he let him sit and be sad at home. But the most important thing is not to do anything all the time at the same time. Be sure to get yourself some hobby, and if it already exists, then do not give it up for the sake of some common affairs. Do risky things, for example, your favorite band comes to your city, but it is not going to go there with you - drop everything and go to the concert!

Remember that the methods described are not an indicator of your insecurity, but simply show that you are a bright multi-faceted person who has his own business, and you cannot always be near him. But do not confuse this with tactlessness — such behavior should not become the norm and indulgence only in one’s own whims!

In fact, any man wants a combination of maximum concern for him in a relationship, but at the same time does not want to completely lose his freedom. If you can give him all this, consider - it is almost in your hands!

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