Why men can cool off in feelings

It happens when your chosen one is completely satisfied with you, this relationship is very dear to you, but suddenly there comes a moment when your man stops paying proper attention and loses interest to you, although there is no reason for that.

Surely every girl faced in life with a similar story. Let's see why it happens that a man has feelings, and he wants to break off relations with a woman?

There are two main reasons for this.

The first - the male nature is such that he is always in search of new sensations and new women.. And there's nothing you can do about it, such is the instinct of a man. The only thing a woman can do in such a situation is to become an ideal for a man, this does not mean that you have to adapt to it, you just have to be such a girl that a man loses his head next to you.

The second reason for this is fear of responsibility., which you can lay on him, and he can no longer sneak away from it.

How can you adjust the behavior of a man so that at a certain moment it does not come as a surprise to you that he wants to break off the relationship? To do this, always keep balance and feel the situation; any relationship is to some extent a game. Notice which man becomes important when the moment comes where you can show your heroism or your physical strength, for example, to protect you from danger or fix some kind of equipment. But when it comes to serious long-term relationships, all of his heroism disappears. He is afraid of becoming dependent on a woman, and even worse becoming a henpecked. A dull and gray life immediately appears before his eyes, and yet every man seeks to meet many women, thereby proving to himself and others that he is attractive and can seduce any girl she likes. In such situations you need to have good intuition, to feel the moment when your relationship will decline and immediately discuss the emerging issue. If a man is attentive to your comments, it means that you are dear to him, and he is not in a hurry to part with you, and if not, then consider whether you need a relationship where a man does not listen to you. It is also very important to keep a certain distance between you, it should always be paired between a man and a woman. Men want to see next to a woman who wants to solve, and if there is no riddle, then he goes in search of another companion. The strong sex loves to fight for the girl, to prove the right of the strongest male for the right to possess her, but if they get completely, then for what they fought, they are already not interested. There are many cases when a relationship develops brightly and dynamically, from which a new stage is about to occur, but the man is frightened by this and escapes. Try not to make this your relationship. Let your chosen one know you slowly, all the time trying to understand what you really are, then your relationship will develop harmoniously. Nearly the most important mistake of women to isolate themselves, limit the circle of communication with old friends, trying to spend all his free time with him in the hope that the man will appreciate it, but everything happens the other way around. A man sees that you are too fixated on him, and he gets bored. Always make sure that the scales of your relationship do not fall in your direction, that is, do not attach great importance to the appearance of a particular man in your life. On this account, there is even a phrase - who tries to keep, loses, and who is ready to let go with a smile, try to keep him. Live your life, find many hobbies, men love interesting and independent women. If you notice that a man is hesitating, do not put a question to him squarely, choose either relationship, or shift it. Such decisive actions can only frighten a man, and he will think that you are going to control every step, and then you will force him to put a ring on your finger.

Do not go to extremes and do not push events, a lot comes to those who can wait, so use our advice, be patient, and you will achieve what you want!

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