Why do men return after parting

Gender relationships are an eternal topic. No matter how much is written about this, whatever advice and recommendations are given, each pair has its own path. One - love to the grave, the other - broken hearts and the pain of separation. That is how this world works. Why do men return after parting? The psychology of this behavior is often incomprehensible to women.

Why men return after parting: the opinion of psychologists

Why do men come back? Opinions of psychologists

Psychology has many years of experience in scientific practice and the study of human relationships. According to this research, each person has certain behavioral patterns. But in life, our actions do not always fit into the patterns, but depend on many factors in each case.

Making these or other decisions, a person is guided by various motives, life preferences, level of upbringing. What makes men come back after a break up? Based on the opinion of experts, we have selected the main psychological aspects of such actions. And that's what happened with us:

  • Unsuccessful search for new sensations and feelings. Tired of the monotony of family life and having met a young and beautiful woman, a man, as a rule, ceases to think with his head. After the satiation of such feelings, not finding in the new place the usual comfortable life, comes the realization of a fatal mistake. And then attempts are made to return to the family and re-establish relations.
  • Habit and fear of loneliness. A man does not always go away from one woman and finds another. He can just live alone. Loneliness, an empty apartment and an unsettled life make you rethink your behavior and think about returning.
  • The need for self-affirmation. In a man, it sits as deeply as sexual concern. He constantly needs to feel his superiority and irreplaceability, so he comes back as soon as he finds out that you are perfectly arranging your life without his participation.
  • Selfishness. A man appears in your life after a while, provokes a quarrel and leaves. Then comes back, and the story repeats. He does not seek love, but proves his right to possess a woman, to use her. Without a twinge of conscience, he can break the life of one and, as if nothing had happened, switch to another victim of his experiment.

If a man returned to his ex-wife

Why do men return to ex-wives?

As a rule, the following men are forced to return to their ex-wife:

  • Responsibility, which he feels to his abandoned wife, especially in cases where she has serious problems. This is an innate sense of duty.
  • Attachment to children. He can not imagine how his children will call someone else's uncle dad. Or, the children themselves, playing on sincere feelings of love for them, ask dad to come back.
  • A gray hair beard - a devil in the rib. After leaving the young companion, after some time, the man realizes that she is not at all interested in his ulcer, brilliant baldness or gout, and all feelings are limited by his solvency. And then he comes back.
  • Years don't color anyone. Age, family chores, daily routine inevitably leave their mark on the appearance of a woman. Over time, it starts to annoy a man, and there are so many temptations around - and here's another marriage breaks up. But if the abandoned wife understands the reason for the gap and puts herself in order, she can make her feelings flare up. Moreover, the problem was only in appearance.

Why does the beloved appear and disappear?

How to understand a man?

Often a man, leaving his wife or girlfriend, after a while returns, asks for forgiveness, repents. You kindly forgive his prodigal. But, as they say, half a year does not pass, as he again pricked his ears and ran away. So it can be repeated to infinity.

What are the reasons for this behavior? This is what psychologists say:

  • Jealousy and possessiveness. These ancient instincts can affect the behavior of a man who has left you, as soon as he learns that you have ceased to suffer and another has appeared in your life. Be careful, because, having driven away the opponent from the marriage bed, he can again escape.
  • Only sex, nothing personal. Why do men cheat on their wives, but they don’t quit? Sexual relationships are a priority for a man, and if he does not get reciprocity, he tries to compensate for this on the side. Another issue is the harmony of emotional relationships. In the new place, apart from his physiological satisfaction, he does not hold anything, so he returns to the family hearth and emotional comfort.
  • No need to ignore the inherent polygamous men. Not uncommon when a man lives in two families. And it can last a lifetime. You can come to terms with such a double life of your chosen one or just in his next return to expose a suitcase with things and slam the door in front of him forever.

What do the representatives of the strong half of humanity say?

The psychology of men why they come back

But what do the heroes of the occasion themselves think about this:

  • Kirill: "I left in order to realize the depth of my feelings for my beloved woman. I understood that I could not live without her, I came back. Sorry, my love!"
  • Misha: "My opinion is this: if everything develops well in a new relationship, then no one returns anywhere. And if you come to a former woman, then life has made it."
  • Makar: "And I think: the man said, the man did. Leave - leave, there is nothing to arrange a draft. Close the door more tightly, and forward to a new life. Moreover, to return is a bad sign."
  • Senya: “You know, dear girls, all your men are to blame. But you yourself choose who you meet and then live with. You go through everything, look for a suitable option, and as a result choose the wrong ones. Normal men do not leave.”

Yes, life is diverse and multifaceted, and how many people, so many opinions. One thing is undoubted: in the disagreements of the two sides the truth is somewhere in the middle. Be happy!

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