Whether to play a wedding in a leap year

You have decided to register your relationship with your beloved and live all your life under one last name. But the coming year is a leap year. And you are afraid that, having played the wedding in 2012, it will bring trouble to your marriage. Is it so? Let's try to figure it out.

Let us turn to the advice of our ancestors. After all, in some matters they were much wiser than we are.

In ancient Russia, only (!) In a leap year the girl herself, without the direct participation of the matchmaker, could marry the future husband. In addition, he could refuse her only for very serious reasons!

Neither then nor now the church was not against leap year wedding! There are even records of marriage registration in a leap year in church books! And this means that not only the church was not against, but the couple in love did not frighten and did not stop the fact that their wedding is in leap year!

Weddings in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 ...

If signs are extremely important to you, and you are sure to grab a metal object when you see a black cat, then pay attention to the following information. The next after 2012 is 2013 - the year of the devil's dozen. And according to signs get married this year is a bad sign. 2014 is next - the year of the widow and the black mother in law. It is unlikely that the prospect of being a widow or swearing with your mother all your life will greatly please you. The next year, 2015, is the year of the widower and monetary hopelessness. Nothing good either. 2016 is a leap year again. And from 2017 everything starts in a circle! So what now ?! Do not get married at all? I'd rather do it in leap year, than all the others!

Some sites devoted to signs and astrology write that next successful year for formalizing relations - 2042! Is it worth the wait because of simple superstition?

If you believe the wedding omens

If a you still believe in omens and you are plagued by doubts, then adopt the following:

  • If you get married in a leap year, Before the wedding, say the following words: "With a wreath at the crown, and not with a leopard finish."
  • With marriage registration in a leap year, should be put under the heels of newlyweds coins of 5 rubles.
  • When leaving the registry office, guests should sprinkle the newlyweds with cereal. In this way, they wipe away all the failures and attract money and life to you.
  • Three years after the wedding, on each anniversary of your holiday, you need to cover the festive table with a tablecloth. If you do this, you will live with your loved one until old age!
  • And do not ever give anyone your wedding accessories - a veil, garter and everything else. It is too not a good omen.

If you believe the horoscope

Here are tips for those who believe in horoscopes:

  • Astrologers, calculating good wedding day, Do not take into account what year in the yard - leap or not. They make calculations based on the position of some planets. Refer to a good astrologer, but not on the site, but find someone who will make a horoscope in your personal presence! And see for yourself - whether marriage is successful for you this year.
  • Despite the fact that the year of the leap year, astrologers, called The best time for marriage in 2012 is the end of April, the beginning of May! Thus, they refute another sign - that marry in May, you will suffer all your life! Astrology experts say that at this particular time the Earth will be under the influence of the planet Venus, which, as you know, symbolizes love. Marriages at this time promise to be strong!
  • This year is the year of the Dragon. And he is happy for marriage! Your love will shine like a dragon. Astrologers promise!

And finally, this year ends beautiful dates on which the newlyweds strive register marriage. This year it is 12/12/2012. The next beautiful date will be only in 2020! Is it worth waiting so long ?!

Prejudice is not so important! And your relationship to each other is important! And self-tuning! If you throw away the doubts and tune in to live with your loved one until the end of life - it will be so! It does not matter - a leap year or not!

Good luck and happy family life!

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