Where and how to send a resume

The most laborious moment in job search is the implementation of a resume. How to implement it? Where to post and how to send?

Implementing a resume via Internet sites

The first and most effective way is to send a resume via the Internet, namely, through sites that contain a huge database of jobs by job, the choice of the city in which you are going to work. At the beginning of the work with the site you need to register, this procedure is not particularly difficult, you must follow the simple instructions of the site. By registering, you will be able to fill in the resume form offered to you or send your finished version by email to the employer with the note "resume for the job ...".

However, among the many thousands of sites that specialize in providing information on a job that interests you, there are also those that do not update their database very often, and you will not receive a single invitation for an interview. There are several "venerable" sites that are an intermediary between the applicant and the employer, and follow the daily updates of information, such as http://hh.ru (HeadHunter), http://job.ru, http: //www.superjob .ru and others.

Placement of resume in the media

The second way to implement your resume is through the media, namely, the newspaper. In any city there are several newspapers that are a monopolist in their niche, which has the most readers, the most advertising and including a job offer, you should focus on newspapers that have a large audience of readers. When posting free vacancies, the employer, in addition to the phone number in a newspaper ad, will also place an email address, feel free to send him your resume on the vacancy that interests you.

Transfer of CVs directly to employer

Another less prestigious at first glance, but no less effective in practice was such a method as self-treatment in the organization.For example, you would like to work in some particular organization, company. Nothing is impossible: having a pack of your resumes at hand, you can come to the companies you are interested in and leave your resume in the personnel department. Believe me, as practice shows, this type of application is not doubtful for the employer: an appeal to the employer will directly show your independence and perseverance.

Another way to implement a resume

It happens that we are looking for work and having tried all the ways we still cannot find it, or, perhaps, the existing offers are not quite satisfactory, so you should always keep in mind the fact that our friends and acquaintances -This is another mass media source that can both send information to the masses and vice versa bring it from there. Word of mouth at all times worked "with a bang." Tell your friends that you are actively looking for work, and they will surely put in a word about you before the boss, because sometimes companies do not even have time to place a vacancy, as the candidate is already, who just found out about the vacant place long before the opening of the vacancy from their friends who are directly working in this company.

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The most important thing in finding a job is to never lose faith in yourself and your abilities! On the way to your goal it is important to remember that you deserve a really good job! Good luck to you in your professional way!

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