What you need for a wedding

The wedding ceremony is a very serious and responsible step, requiring maximum responsibility for the decision. A married couple should think very well, weigh all the pros and cons, before deciding on this ceremony. The wedding is a vow of eternal love given before God. What is needed for a church wedding ceremony?

Attributes required for a wedding

There is a list of necessary things that must be present at the wedding.

  • Pectoral cross.At the couple getting married and at the witnesses of the wedding they should be obligatory. However, like the rest of the invitees. Although, in the territory of each temple, crosses can be purchased, it is best to take care of this in advance.
  • Wedding rings.The priest conducting the wedding ceremony, must illuminate the ring. At your request, the rings may be those with which you registered the marriage, or may be purchased specifically for the wedding.
  • Clean, white towels.He will need to kneel on it, during the wedding, when it will be necessary.
  • Four small shawls. For a married couple and wedding witnesses.
  • Wedding icon. Ideal when your family has an icon that is inherited, and you have been blessed to marry with this icon. If you do not have such an icon, you can buy it in the church shop.
  • Candles. You can check the required amount with the clergyman.
  • Crowns for witnesses.
  • Bottle of cahors. It is Cagoras. No other wine will work.
  • Headdress for the bride. This may be a veil, and maybe a beautiful white scarf. However, make sure that neither one nor the other was not particularly lush. Otherwise, from the candles lush headdress can catch fire.
  • Marriage certificate.In most cases, it is still required. But some clerics hold a wedding ceremony without a marriage certificate.

If you are worried that you will not have anything you need with you at the wedding ceremony, once again clarify the above list with the clergyman of the church in which you were getting married.

How to prepare for the wedding?

  • Three days before the wedding ordinance follows keep a strict post. Moreover, it concerns not only food. It should abandon all entertainment and from the fulfillment of marital debt. In addition, the main time of these days should be spent in prayer.
  • The dress in which the bride should be in the rite of baptism- maximum closed dress. A veil, if there is one, is not long and not magnificent. Pants on the bride, on the sacrament of the wedding, are prohibited.
  • Best of all, if at the wedding, the bride will be absolutely no makeup. But, light, soft makeup is not prohibited.
  • Spouses who undergo a wedding ceremony should have as few decorations as possible. The best option is the presence of a cross and wedding rings.
  • Should know that wedding ordinance is not performed on fasting days, Easter week, Shrovetide, and from Christmas to Epiphany.
  • Conducting a wedding ceremony, the priest will call you the names with which you were baptized. It is necessary to know these names. Take care of this in advance by asking your parents about it.
  • If one, or even both, spouses are not baptized in the Orthodox Church, the priest will not hold the wedding ceremony until the unbaptized have passed the sacrament of baptism in the Orthodox Church.

The wedding ceremony continues, approximately, fifty minutes Sometimes a little less, sometimes a little longer. Therefore, it is best to wear comfortable shoes for the celebration. After all, the whole time of the ceremony has to stand. Not very comfortable to stand in heels for so long.

Wedding ordinance is a procedure for which a certain amount of money is collected. Most often, the amount is not specified, and is considered a voluntary donation. But in most temples, the amount fluctuates around 500 rubles and more, depending on the significance of the temple.

If a you are preparing for the wedding, and, having read this article, you still have any questions related to the sacrament of the wedding, read the article How to prepare for the wedding? Or ask for help the clergyman, who will give you detailed advice on all your questions.

May God protect you!

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