What to give to the wedding

Wedding is a special event in the life of a married couple. Therefore, a gift intended in honor of this event should be special. What is better to give a wedding - the right thing, like those who give to the wedding. Or a gift for an Orthodox theme?

Choosing a wedding gift

  • First, the gift depends on the degree of kinship or acquaintance you are with the married couple preparing for the wedding.
  • Secondly, the gift that you will give, of course, depends on the amount you are counting on.
  • Thirdly, the wedding gift may depend on the welfare of the couple to whose wedding you are invited. Although this is, of course, a controversial issue. Because, even if you are invited to a wedding for a wealthy married couple, this does not mean that you are obliged to give a very expensive gift.

And, of course, the choice of a gift depends on the age of the couple who decided to get married. After all, not every gift will be delighted at the age of twenty and fifty.

What to give to the wedding couple?

Gift options - the mass. Your task is to choose the one that most pleases the crowning.

  • Money. Standard gift. It is especially good when you are not close enough with a couple who are about to get married. And, therefore, do not know what kind of gift they might like. And for the money they will be able to buy what they need.
  • Icon. At the wedding, you can give an icon of saints who are called to guard marriage. If you want to give a non-standard gift, it is best to purchase a silver icon, which will then be passed on to descendants.
  • Flowers Naturally, this is not a regular bouquet. A huge basket of flowers, or an incredibly beautiful bouquet of rare flowers, will be remembered by the couple getting married.

  • If you are familiar with the couple, you can ask them if they have bought everything for the wedding ceremony. If they have not yet acquired any attributes, you can buy something for the wedding. For example, a wedding wreath.
  • Photo album. Again, this is not about a regular photo album. Photo albums made with their own hands are very fashionable now. The cover is made of beautiful material, decorated with beads, ribbons, flowers and many others. You can make and individual order of such a photo album.
  • Some banks currently have the “Wedding” coin in gift wrapping. The coin is made of silver. This gift is original and beautiful.
  • You can give a couple who are about to get married, a shelf for icons. Just ask first if there are any icons in the couple’s house.
  • Household appliances - a universal gift. Despite the fact that the celebration for which you were invited is not a wedding, home appliances as a gift will be a very good gift. Especially if you donate exactly what your spouse dreamed of.
  • Can order a wedding portrait for the couple getting married. Only, making an order from the artist, look at the work that he has already completed. In order not to happen, the spouses will receive a humorous cartoon as a gift.
  • If funds allow, you can purchase a camera. He will never be superfluous, even in the family that already has this thing. Just be careful with the choice of camera company, so as not to disappoint the spouses.
  • Cutlery set. This is a classic! In the times of our grandmothers, it was decided to give cutlery for weddings and weddings. Especially popular are sets made of silver.
  • A great gift will be two silver cups. If you wish, you can engrave them with the names of the spouses and the date of their wedding.
  • A magnificent unusual gift will be two crystal glasses of pink crystal.
  • You can look at any gift in an antique shop. For example, it can be a beautiful antique figurine. Especially like this gift lovers of antiquity.
  • You can give one more original wedding gift. Buy champagne, and then order a bottle on the label, which will be the names of the spouses. You can also place a wedding date on the label. In the event that you get a good expensive champagne, it can be stored for decades!
  • One more classic wedding gift is a beautiful and expensive set of bed linen. For example, it may be a set of white color, made of silk. One subtlety - you should ask in advance the size of the bed of the spouses, so as not to be mistaken with the size of the set. Read more about choosing bed linen for spouses in the article How to choose bed linen for spouses.
  • Another good wedding gift will be gold chains. Crosses should not be acquired. First, they can be available to spouses. And, secondly, crosses are subtle and personal matters. Let the crowned ones get the crosses themselves.

  • You can give the wedding a beautiful lamp. This gift will be especially good if the spouses do not have it yet.
  • And one more thematic gift associated with Orthodoxy. Give spouses a beautiful large gift copy of the Bible. For example, with gold embossed pages and gold letters on the cover.

Choosing a wedding gift, Choose it from the heart. It does not matter whether it is a dear present or purely symbolic. The main thing that he was from the heart. If you doubt the correctness of your choice, think about what kind of gifts you would like to receive at your own wedding. Remember what gifts you were most pleased at your own wedding.

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Good luck with your choice!

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