What the godparents give to the christening

The sacrament of baptism is an amazing rite that unites a person and the Lord, opening the way for the baptized to a new, bright life. Baptism gives man Hope and Faith. Most try to christen the baby almost immediately after birth, but also the baptism of a person occurs in a more mature age.

God parents in the life of a child

The tradition to choose godparents came to us from the deep past, from those turbulent times when unrest and high mortality prevailed on earth, and if something happened to the parents of the baby, then the responsibility for the crumb fell on the shoulders of the godparents.

Future godparents should approach the issue of choosing a gift to the godchild or goddaughter very responsibly, because baptism occurs once in a lifetime.. Gifts godparents talk about their reverent attitude, even if the baby baptized in infancy.

What to give a child for christening?

Usually, the first thing that godparents give a godson is a cross. No matter what material it will be made of, what shape and size it will have. The most important thing is that it will be given to the baby from the heart. And then it is decided on the financial possibilities - exactly what it will be - silver, gold or just aluminum.

There are people who appreciate the power of the cross at the price of the material from which it is made - which is fundamentally wrong. A cross made of any material - even a tree, will not yield even a cross made of gold in its grace.By tradition, the cross gives the baby Godfather.

One of the most important symbols of baptism is the death of sin. In the process of baptism, the human soul is reborn for further life in union with the Lord. That is why the godparents act as guides to a clean, bright life and give their godson a new dress.

A mandatory element of clothing is a new towel or a cut of fabric (kryzhma or "rizka"), according to custom, this gift gives godmother, for wiping the baby after baptism. The towel is usually not washed after the child's baptism, but is used when the child is ill. Also included in the set of clothes shirt, which is stored for life. In the old days, baptismal dress was inherited, but in our time it is a great rarity.

Another parent godmother can sew clothes for the godson fine embroidery. This work is not at all difficult, but what a memory! Towels or fabric for wiping the baby are decorated with patterns (valances). In ancient times, this crocheting was almost the most common and is now again "coming into fashion." The execution of the valorization takes not much time, and the result is excellent!

Gifts for the godson must be related to religion and to baptism itself. These can be icons with the face of the Patron of the baby, the Bible (the nursery is better suited), the Psalter, the Gospel and other holy books. Earlier godson gave a dimensional icon with the face of the patron of the baby. They wrote it on a special board, and the size was measured according to the growth of the child. Usually, the icon was placed next to the child’s crib, thus, already from infancy, the child had a spiritual connection with his Patron. The right approach to religious education will help bring up a decent believer.

Since Baptism is a symbol of the victory of light over darkness, a cozy night light or a set of candles of interesting shapes can serve as a worthy gift.

Relatively recently, the tradition of baptism from godparents was to give silver spoons - so to speak, a gift "on teeth". You can engrave on it the name of the child or Christian symbols. The spoon becomes the first in the life of the crumbs.

What to give to the christening adult?

When an adult makes a decision to be baptized, this means that he has a great understanding of this rite.

Gift to an adult godsonmay be the same shirt or pectoral cross. With age, people are starting to appreciate hand-made gifts in a special way.; they may not be perfect, but in these shortcomings lies the whole uniqueness and touchingness of the gift. For example, a shirt can be embroidered with gold threads, if there is no time to sew a shirt completely, you can embroider a part.

Choosing gifts for an adult, it is necessary to know his taste and preferences, so that the gift genuinely pleases the recipient. For example, you can knit socks or mittens for a godson, a scarf made of soft wool.

After baptism, a holiday table usually follows. Alcohol is not the place to celebrate, because there reigns the atmosphere of quiet joy.By the way, the ceremony is paid by the godfather.

The main thing - remember that baptism is not just a holiday. The baptism of a child is an event that will give everyone a bright and joyful mood! And when you are going to be baptized, take with you, besides the gift, a special soul spirit!

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