What should be the engagement ring


We have a custom to give your darling an engagement ring, thus confirming our intentions to marry, appeared relatively recently. The very first symbolic decoration was presented to the future bride by the Austrian Duke Maximilian as early as the 15th century. Modern girls for the most part want their love declarations to be accompanied by such a gesture. Young people, in turn, are aware of the seriousness of the gift.

However, we do not fully know what the engagement ring should be? What hand do they wear it on? And, of course, which finger should be "crowned"?

Engagement ring - what is it?

Maximilian presented a ring with a diamond and a letter engraving to Mary of Burgundy

Maximilian presented Mary of Burgundy a ring with a diamond and an engraving in the form of the letter "M" (Maximilian). It was enough for the girl to look at her hand in order to immediately recall her contender. Modern rings, though not all with diamonds, but mostly inlaid.

The Austrian Duke was not a pioneer. Even the ancient Egyptian young men gave to their chosen ones as a sign of eternal love rings with the hieroglyph denoting "infinity". The pair wore rings on their middle fingers, as they believed that an artery runs through it, leading directly to the heart. The ancient Romans interpreted tradition in their own way, and the rings became an attribute of marriage, and not just a symbol of intent. In the early Middle Ages, the tradition of exchanging rings at the wedding was legalized by the Pope.

Note that the ancient Slavs also decided to give a girl a piece of jewelry after a successful matchmaking

Note that the ancient Slavs also decided to give a girl a piece of jewelry after a successful matchmaking. So what should an engagement ring be?

It should be an elegant ring with a neat stone in the center and possibly a few small elements. Traditionally, the central place is reserved for a diamond, as it is considered the most valuable, purest of all precious minerals. The virginal purity of the bride is associated with it. True, such a ring can fly into a pretty penny. Therefore, jewelers offer a large selection of engagement rings with artificial analogues, such as cubic zirconia.

What hand is the engagement ring on?

What hand should I wear an engagement ring?

What hand should I wear an engagement ring? Slavyanka often engagement rings are worn on the finger and on the hand, which are more convenient. And in the Catholic world - on which finger the wedding is worn.

What finger wear a wedding ring with us and in the West? Orthodox at the wedding dress each other rings on the little finger of the right hand, Catholics - on the little finger of the left.

To remove an engagement ring from a finger before the wedding is a bad omen. An unkind sign for the well-being of the future family will be its loss. Many of our girls continue to wear a symbol ring after the wedding. Usually, the engagement and the wedding are worn on one finger and create some kind of jewelry pair.

But in the West, a symbolic decoration after the wedding is sent to the casket and stored as a family heirloom. There are frequent cases when a young man offers his beloved hand and heart, presenting an engagement ring to his grandmother.

The style and appearance of the modern engagement ring do not have universally accepted canons. The main thing is the meaning of the gift and assurance of eternal love. A little ring - a nice addition to the memory of the fateful day.