What ring give

For a long time there was a tradition - a man gives his beloved a ring as a sign of loyalty and marriage proposal. Of course, every man seeks to choose exquisite jewelry to hit his woman. About what ring give, when they make an offer, we will tell you in this article.

What ring should I give when you make an offer?

What ring to give when you make an offer

In jewelry stores a large assortment of jewelry. However, almost all men face difficulties in choosing the engagement ring. The offer of a hand and heart is a very important step. Each representative of the strong half of humanity, with rare exceptions, wants to make an indelible impression on the future spouse.

How to choose the ring correctly, determine the size of the bride's finger, what stones should be decorated with jewelry? These questions are faced daily by hundreds of men around the world. Let's talk about everything in order. First you need to select the appropriate jewelry store and see all possible models of rings.

What ring give, making an offer to the girl? If you want your darling in the future to wear the engagement and wedding rings together, then you should pay attention to the concise and classic models. The ring can be made of any metal that your girl prefers.

Jewelers offer rings made of various precious metals, such as:

  • gold (red and white);
  • silver;
  • platinum.

Not all of the fair sex love platinum, because in appearance this metal is very similar to silver. Therefore, give preference to the classic - the golden ring. It has long been the custom that engagement, and accordingly, the engagement ring, should be smooth, without engraving and stones. However, now this tradition is a little outdated, and most often men choose engagement rings inlaid with various stones.

Many men believe that the ring for the proposal should be decorated with one large stone or a scattering of small diamonds. This stone represents purity and purity. The tradition of giving rings encrusted with diamond scattering, as an engagement sign, was born in the Middle Ages, when Duke Maximilian proposed to Mary of Burgundy.

What ring give, making proposal girl

If you decide to choose a ring decorated with a diamond, in this case you need to pay attention to some aspects:

  • stone color;
  • cut;
  • the size;
  • mounting method.

It is best to buy such expensive jewelry in large jewelry stores that give a guarantee on the product. As an alternative to a diamond, you can pay attention to rings with semiprecious stones, such as:

  • topaz;
  • alexandrite;
  • emerald;
  • fianit;
  • amethyst.

The ring can be combined with the eyes of the bride. For example, green-eyed girls are very suitable rings made of red or white gold, inlaid with emeralds.

If you want a girl to wear an engagement ring after marriage, it should not be too big and massive. Also do not forget that the massive rings on thin fingers look ugly and even depressing. Consult with a consultant, professional staff work in the jewelry departments.

How to determine the size of the ring?

Visually determine the size of the ring for your darling is very difficult. There is an opinion that the size of the girl's ring finger coincides with the size of the man's little finger. Thus, the ring can be tried on your finger.

You can find out information about the size of the ring of your darling from her friends or close people. However, this threatens the premature disclosure of your intentions. You can quietly take the girl's ring and come with him to the jewelry store to select the appropriate size.

Do not despair if the size of the ring does not fit, you can always give it to the workshop and slightly reduce or, conversely, enlarge. You can make a cast, for example, in clay or dough, but it will be too obvious for your darling. Some men are able to visually determine the size of the ring.

If you find it difficult to decide on this issue yourself, then it is better to open your secret to the girl and visit the jewelry store together. Show her your favorite options and offer them to try on. In some cases, without this simply can not do.

General recommendations for choosing engagement rings

How to determine the size of the ring?

If you decide on such a crucial step and want to make your darling an offer to go through life together, then follow some rules when choosing an engagement ring:

  • the metal from which the ring is made should be in harmony with other decorations of your chosen one;
  • choose a stone in accordance with your preferences and financial capabilities;
  • on the ring you can engrave, for example, the date of your acquaintance or the names;
  • Do not forget about the effect of surprise: the girl should not suspect about the upcoming offer.

To get such a gift, personifying your serious intentions, almost every girl dreams.

On which finger wear a ring, when they make an offer, and how to give it correctly?

General recommendations for choosing engagement rings

In Western countries, the ring is put on the ring finger of the right or left hand. It all depends on religion. According to legend, it is through the ring finger passes the vein, leading to the heart. In this case, the ring becomes a symbol of eternal love, affection, tenderness and devotion. In our country it is customary to wear a ring on the ring finger of the right hand.

You can give a ring to your girlfriend in different ways, it all depends on your imagination and her desires. We offer you a few options on how to make a marriage proposal:

  • arrange a romantic dinner by candlelight and present a ring at the end of the meal or put it in a dessert (champagne glass);
  • arrange a performance of any event or a joke, in the final of which you will hand your engagement ring to your chosen one;
  • Invite a girl on a date and invite her to spend time doing what she likes to do: it can be horse riding, ice skating, etc .;
  • arrange a small picnic, for example, on the roof of a multistory building. Stars, a mysterious moon and muffled music will create a romantic atmosphere.

Give the engagement ring is necessary solely at the behest of the heart. Remember that a ring is a symbol of eternal love and the desire to spend a whole life with a person. Therefore, in the choice of the engagement ring, be guided only by your feelings and a little practicality. Be happy!

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