What men love women

Questions like this worry every one of us. Every woman wants to pay attention to the opposite sex. One rather modest attention from a loved one, the other wants to be a star of male society. One way or another, but something attracts them to us. When asked what exactly scientists and psychologists can not find a definite answer. Some believe that the main factor is the biological factor, others take the basis of the soul and feelings. In order to figure out what's what, let's talk about that and the other side.

What do men love in women from a biological point of view?

Scientists believe that the interests of modern men to a woman have some "primitiveness". That is, now they are interested in the same as in ancient times. As before, the man subconsciously chooses the woman who, in his opinion, can produce healthy offspring. Such women are distinguished, for example, good body. No wonder they invented the notorious standards. Indeed, according to them, the waist circumference of a girl should be seventy percent of the hips circumference. Such proportions are considered normal for good childbirth, and therefore for the birth of a healthy baby.

Eyes and lips also play an important role. It is believed that the owner of large eyes - good, good health, in addition, again, she is capable of a healthy, normal product to the world of posterity. In addition, men for some reason consider the big eyes a purely feminine trait.

All of the above relates mainly to biology and the main instinct of man.

  • Men love patient women. Namely, those who will not remind and endlessly moan about a wedding or a child, a dog and so on. Of course, a young person needs to be informed about his desires without fail. But not constantly about this to repeat. If you have once somehow hinted at a wedding or something else, then try not to mention it anymore. It is better to remove the words related to this topic from the lexicon. Believe me, the man himself will do everything when the time comes. And they really like it's up to you to decide everything. So give your loved one this opportunity.

Given two factors, you can make an approximate physiological and psychological portrait of a woman who likes men. However, remember that for everyone there is only one real woman who can make his heart tremble, for the sake of which he will perform almost heroic acts and which he will carry on his hands - love!

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