What kind of sport to choose for a child

Applause and applause, recognition and respect, awards and medals, trips and fees, friends and fans, as well as many other things, are associated with professional sports. Now sport is still in fashion. Parents dream about a healthy child, fit, with great willpower, and, of course, about a successful one. And how can sport satisfy all these desires?

Of course, adults will have to “fork out” for classes with a coach, fitness, trips, etc., and spend time and energy to ensure that the child safely arrives and returns from training ... But what a result! A minimum of parental effort - and the result can exceed all your expectations. Even if your son or daughter does not become great professionals, but they will have tightened muscles, a developed sense of will power ... Any sport skills like equestrian sports, wrestling, figure skating, swimming, running, chess can only help in life, but not to harm the baby.

Swimming for baby

Let's start with the most harmless sport that mankind could think of. To swimming we will refer directly swimming itself by any kind: bras, crawl, etc. Of course, synchronized swimming, diving, water polo are also "homogeneous" sports, but in the context of this chapter we will describe the sport named above.

All sports are the presence of one very highly developed physical skill. For example: running is strong legs, wrestling is a developed sense of balance, basketball is developed lateral vision, etc. In each sport there is an "emphasis" on any one group of muscles. The downside of sports is precisely the excessive load on the musculoskeletal system: the spine, joints. But swimming is the most harmless from this point of view sport. After all, the body, being in the water - is weightless! And this means only one thing: no load on the spine and joints !!!

Advantages of swimming

  • ZERO stress on the spine and joints;
  • Full development of ALL muscle groups of the body;
  • Strongly developed shoulder girdle (plus for boys);
  • Well developed respiratory system;
  • Greater concentration of attention;
  • Hardness of character and great willpower.

Cons of swimming

  • Dry skin (chlorinated water, or just a large amount of time spent in water);
  • Dry mucous membranes (eyes, nose);
  • The possibility of entering infections (various infections live in water for a very long time);
  • Strongly developed shoulder girdle (for girls);
  • Lack of pools in many cities.

Basketball as a sport

This sport is a team game. The peculiarity of all team games, including basketball, football, etc., is a combination of the development of several skills. For example: running, jumping, aiming and holding the ball - basketball; running, jumping and accuracy - football, etc. Biathlon is the leader among the combination of skills: cross-country skiing, shooting, accuracy, etc. As for basketball, this is mainly a game of a “male” character: blocks, unintentional blows, excitement, strong hands and legs ... But the girls do a good job too the ball. Both accuracy and the ability to “pull” the ball are very competitive with both girls and boys.

Pros basketball

  • Very strong character;
  • Good coordination;
  • Strongly developed arms, legs, a muscular corset (inflated back muscles and abdominals);
  • Accuracy.

Basketball Cons

  • Great stress on the joints (especially the knee);
  • Increased injury.

Riding for a child

What a beautiful sport it is! Perhaps, you can't imagine a more graceful and spectacular! The combination of dressure and coherence of the physical skills of the rider - is "aerobatics"! There are various variations of this sport: just riding at a different pace (gallop, lynx, etc.), as well as spectacular obstacles, or rather, their overcoming rider and horse. A storm of emotions overtakes when you see the tamed huge, at the same time the most graceful animal in the world!

This sport helps not only to pump muscles, but also teaches communication, even treats. There are many methods of treatment of various diseases, including: Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc., when “communication” with a horse cures babies. So this sport is also healthful: the drainage effect, the warmth of the animal - the key to good health!

Equestrian sport

  • Formation of correct posture;
  • Vibration and drainage effect (positive effect on the functioning of various systems: circulatory, musculoskeletal; metabolism);
  • The vestibular apparatus is improved (coordination of movements is improved);
  • The nervous system is strengthened (more balanced psyche);
  • Muscular "corset";
  • Saturation of the body with oxygen (stay in the fresh air);
  • "Hardening" character.

Horse riding

  • Possible allergy to horse hair;
  • Injury risk

Other sports

Dancing, chess, boxing, weightlifting, tennis and many, many other sports are good in their own way and relatively dangerous for a child. It is worth noting that each parent must decide on the degree of load in any sport. If you want your daughter to simply have a good figure, it means that you don’t have to give her up for professional sports, so that she misses school and fully devotes herself to training. Simply go with her to fitness, or give to the school dance studio. But it is exactly 2 - 3 times a week for an hour - one and a half, since professional dances (everyday hours-long workouts) not only form the figure, but also overload the joints! This is not very scary for those who are "sick" of dancing and dreaming of gold medals. But for "just look good" - such sacrifices are not needed, and not required.

PARENTS! Always leave a choice for the child! Even if the neighbor child goes to boxing, and he likes it very much - it is far from FACT that your son will like it too! The team, the coaching staff, and each child evaluates the load in their own way. And if in a month - two or three, your baby does not change its negative attitude to the sport chosen by YOU - do not torture the baby. Try a different direction, another studio, another coach ... But ALWAYS listen to the opinion of your child!

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