What kind of girls guys love


Sometimes girls are of the opinion that in order to like a guy, bright enough to make up, wear tight clothes and stilettos. But some time passes, and they notice that all their relationships are short-term and not serious. Why is this happening? What are all the same girls like guys?

What hair color do guys like?

There is an opinion that guys like only blond hair. In fact, it is not. I like both brunettes and redheads. But don't like guys bright, unnatural hair shades - red, blue, green. In addition, they do not like hair with regrown roots of a different color.

What looks do guys like?

Of course, no one will argue with the fact that men love eyes. But! Their eyes love not only slender figures. There are those guys who like girls "in the body." The main thing, in their opinion, is sincere smile on the girl's face, eye expression and facial features.

What style do guys like?

Men rarely know the true value of things that are worn on a girl. There are, of course, such that they know, but you are unlikely to be interested in each other.Guys pay more attentionwhether things put on a girl look neat. Do clothing parts fit together?

Men pay attention to whether the clothing underlines the dignity of the girl, whether the flaws hide her figure. Or vice versa, it sticks out all the flaws for show. More details about style read the article "Stylish woman. What is she? How to become her?".

What flavor do guys prefer?

Men like pleasant, unobtrusive aromas, outgoing from the woman.Categorically I do not like the guys smell of sweat, unwashed body, coming from the girl. They are against the strong smell of perfume. Everything is good in moderation.

Self-confidence girls like guys

All guys absolutely do not like a girl who is dissatisfied with herself, and she constantly informs the guy about it. Not like guys and girls who constantly whine, unsure girls. All guys like those girls who are confident and smile a lot.

Zest as a way to please the guy

Guys are very fond of girls, in which there is some kind of zest. Be spontaneous. Be open, but at the same time mysterious.

What character traits appeal to guys?

Men categorically do not like women who are rude and cursing. Couples are delighted with intelligent girls who are well-educated, well-read, friendly, have a sense of humor. In addition, they like girls who can support almost any topic.

Guys love those girls who talk too much, not letting the guy put in a word. In addition, men speak out against stupid girls.

What shape do guys like?

It is not necessary to be slim and ringing, and meet international standards. The good part of the guys like girls, possessing magnificent forms.

What kind of makeup do guys like?

Nothing can so spoil the impression of a guy about a girl, as poorly and brightly made makeup. A person acquires vulgar features, becomes unnatural.

Most men favor classic natural makeup. They believe that he adorns a woman the most.

Also, a man will not like an egoist girl who will always think only of herself. Guys love when a girl supports, tries to help as much as she can.

Now, after reading this article, you know what girls guys like. Therefore, do not pursue world standards and magazine beauties. Try to be fun, smart, stylish, and then you will surely find your love!

I wish you happiness and mutual love!

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