What kind of girl can be called temperamental in terms of

Often, among the most frequently accompanying epithets for a woman, "temperamental" is added. But not every woman understands what it really means. What should a temperamental woman be from the point of view of psychology, does this notion of society interpret this?

How closely related are sexuality and temperament, and what do men think about it?

Temperament in psychology

Temperamental girl - what is it?

From the point of view of science, temperament represents certain properties of the psyche, which determine the dynamics of behavior and reactions, while they do not change under the influence of factors of time, motives, goals, and content. Thus, in psychology, temperament is a kind of innate constant that persists throughout human life - from cradle to death. Therefore, if we consider the adjective “temperamental” as “a person with a temperament,” it makes no sense to try to understand what a person should be who has received this label - temperament is inherent in every person. What it will be, that should be clarified.

  • The selection of a separate type of temperament is carried out after studying sensitivity (assessment of the degree of influence of external factors), reactivity (the power of an immediate response to an irritant), activity, the ratio of the last 2 moments, as well as flexibility, tempo of reactions (including speech rate and gestures), emotional excitability and extra- or introversion.
  • The phrase "temperamental person" in society understands a special type of character, which reacts sharply to everything, is started up with one word. Moreover, such a label can hang and with a friendly, and with a negative color.

If you look at the traditional classification of psychologists, the temperamental girl is “choleric”. Such a woman is characterized by activity, high speech dynamics, quick response to stimuli and external factors, efficiency, vigor, low sensitivity. But at the same time she is extremely impatient, sometimes not restrained, quick-tempered, speaks before she thinks, can be harsh. She has a wide range of interests, but she does not go far in any of them, infinitely changing the sphere of activity.

Male look

What kind of girl can be called temperamental

If we are not talking about dry scientific definitions, but about how they are interpreted and modified in ordinary life, then the man’s point of view deserves special attention. Often, they somewhat differently divide for themselves the female temperament, first of all assessing the attitude of the girl to the male sex as a whole, her accessibility, behavior in a force majeure situation, sociability. How to put together these parameters for yourself, what kind of temperamental woman is she?

  • He likes to be in a male company, willingly communicates with representatives of the opposite sex. Important: do not flirt with everyone in search of a sexual partner or life partner, and shows sympathy and friendly interest.
  • Smiles, open to contact. A woman who does not lower the mask of seriousness, is perceived closed, distant, is unlikely to cause interest.
  • Flirty, confused, not afraid to laugh at themselves - that is, live, not simulated.
  • Impulsive, prone to momentary weakness, easily agrees to adventures, is not lost in a force majeure situation.
  • Appreciates bodily contact and intimate side of relationships, relaxed in bed. Here it is worth emphasizing that this is not about debauchery, but about getting pleasure from sex and the desire to deliver it to your partner. Often these girls act as initiators, experimenters. Sexual position - one of the components, but not the only defining moment.

All of these factors, taken together from a male point of view, create a temperamental woman, or, equivalently, from their position, sexually hot. However, it should be noted that not every man chooses a life partner for himself according to such criteria, because a person is unique and has his own individual requirements. Therefore, the only advice that psychologists give is not to try to adapt to the framework of a “temperamental woman” in order to attract a man, but either to be her or to preserve her natural “me” - someone will definitely appreciate it.

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