What is passion and what it eat

There is an opinion that the best relationships are those in which passion is preserved and is preserved. Those in which the voluptuous flame of sensuality glows, allowing to catch over-sharp sensations, accompanied by moments of unconditional pleasure. But can this flame of passion burn forever? And do you really need his eternal burning? After all, everything that burns - sooner or later burns, leaving only a pile of ashes behind.

So what is the nature of such a phenomenon as passion? And how, nevertheless, to have a rich relationship, not having the only basis of this fiery feeling? Let's try to figure it out!

Let's return to the ancient Vedic scriptures, they will help us to deal with this issue. The Vedas tell us that there are only three states (modes) of material Nature and they are: ignorance, passion and goodness. If we draw an analogy on physical processes, then this, respectively: inertia, acceleration and rest. The Vedas advise us to go beyond all three modes of material Nature, thereby achieving transcendence (non-materiality), to go beyond the limits of material Nature. And they also say that this exit is possible only from the state of goodness. We, of course, are not aiming at the instantaneous and momentary going beyond the limits of material Nature, but we must still take note of this axiom. That is, to realize that it is possible to completely get rid of suffering only by being in constant goodness and peace. We will build on this.

So what is passion?

No one will doubt that the elements of the Nature of passion most closely correspond to Fire. A passion, indeed, is like fire, it is just as exciting and destructive, seductive and merciless. In a fit of passion, we completely surrender ourselves to its fire, which ultimately can burn us to the ground, making us dependent on the sensations that this flame bestows. Transferring it to the plan of relations: the halves each time need more acute and powerful passionate feelings that could absorb them entirely. This leads to the fact that everyday life begins to look empty and boring, passive, inert, and along with life, the second half begins to look similarly. It is clear that after the appearance of such sensations, either a rupture occurs, or joint boring coexistence, brightened only by rare echoes of the former fiery feeling. Such examples we can see in the set, is not it?

The thing is that in the fiery passion of passion we begin to forget about another, very important element, Air, and about what he personifies, about the sensations bestowed on them. Couples who realized that their relationship should not be burned out forever by fire, for the sake of receiving new and new sensations and experiences, acquire that same goodness and peace. Realizing that you can soar in the Air for an arbitrarily long time, enjoying this process with your whole being. To achieve such a state is possible only by fully opening up your soulmate, having studied it to the maximum. Discard all the burdens of everyday life, turning them into little things that come and go. After all, only those who have become light like Air can fly in the Air.

Why let passion burn your relationships to the ground, plunging them into ignorance, when you can let this passion transform into goodness? Having thus received the opportunity to enjoy each other and the time spent together. After all, it is not important, in fact, what is happening, but it is important that the WHO is near at this moment.

So what do we have in the end? What conclusions can we draw?

Do you need a passion in relationships?

Of course, it is necessary, because it is passion that ignites in us the confidence and determination that help us to start relationships, or to express ourselves. But is it possible with the eternal burning of the Fire of passion, is it necessary? Definitely not. Why burn yourself and your beloved person? The only way out is to transform the primary passion into goodness and peace. This is the secret of a long and happy relationship, time-tested and a variety of tests. Couples who have managed to achieve airiness in their relationship can overcome any obstacles, survive any troubles, while remaining always in the good disposition of the Spirit to each other and those around them. And most importantly, only in this way is Love preserved in complete and unconditional purity.

So strive for the Air, coming out of the Fire, pushing off from the Earth, and then it will be possible to come out dry from Water.

Be happy! Love All the best.

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