What is loyalty for men and women

Very often, we, women, even try to, meeting with a man, not to allow adultery either with our own or his side. But even in marriage, people can change each other. Why is this happening? Because each person has his own responsibility, his attitude to the word loyalty, his attitude to treason. According to statistics, men change much more often than women. What is the reason?

Loyalty men

According to research, about 70% of men admit the possibility of adultery. Scientists explain this polygamousness characteristic of men. But nevertheless, according to experts, usually the initiative comes not from themselves, but from women. They only succumb to the charms of the temptresses.

Most often, a man commits adultery while intoxicated. It's easier for them to drown the voice of conscience. Some believe that cheating means nothing, because they are random, and the beloved can not know anything. Random betrayals often occur again under the influence of alcohol or due to circumstances. Cheating can occur in those men who are not satisfied with sex with his beloved. Just partners may have different temperaments. A woman may be enough a couple of times a week, and a man - every day. But this is usually already in middle-aged couples. And finally, a man can simply assume that the more women he has in bed, the better lover he is.

Now let's see what the experts say about the loyalty of men. What keeps men from cheating?

These reasons are not many. You can call, of course, first of all, conscience. Then comes the fear of exposure and pity for the deceived woman.

Of course, I want to believe that our man really loves us and will never change us. After all, only love and willpower can turn men away from the vile deception and betrayal towards us.

Women loyalty

According to psychologists, women's loyalty is not always due to a strong love for her husband. Usually, loyalty in women, they say, is the lack of opportunity for adultery. That is, it turns out that women want to change, but they do not tuck into an opportunity? It is because of this, experts say, women hand over their friends to their husbands (men always cover each other). But perhaps the latter is not connected with the desire of a woman to change. Perhaps, in general, this desire is not peculiar to women, or peculiar, but not to all.

Scientists explain women's fidelity to education according to modern norms of behavior in society. If a man is considered a good lover, when he had many women, then adults say to girls from childhood that they need to wait for a single prince. But growing up, they understand that princes exist only in a fairy tale, but in real life the groom must always to choose And the choice without comparison is impossible.

Scientists also argue that for women the spiritual, emotional aspect in relationships is important. Rarely there is a woman who sleeps with a man just because he has strong hands or a beautiful body (although there are such). Mostly women like the period of courtship, they should know that the man likes her, he wants to achieve her love. Women do not throw words of love to the wind, men also speak much about love.

Women rarely change if they love. This usually happens either because of revenge, anyway due to the fact that we are no longer given due attention and tenderness. It is important for us not only to know, but also to constantly feel that we are loved.

Based on all this, we can conclude that loyalty to men and women are evaluated differently. Also differently, they relate to treason. A woman does not change to become more experienced, and a man does not change because she feels that she is deprived of the attention of her spouse.

Women's treason is either revenge or the search for a new relationship. She is much more serious than random, meaningless cheating men. A woman often goes to her lover, a man leaves the family extremely rarely. But, Despite the fact that both sexes are completely different in treason, it is important to remain faithful to the person you love. After all, this is also respect for oneself.

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