What is family for

The family is what surrounds and accompanies the person. Families are different, but the meaning of creating a family is the only one for everyone. True family is not created only for enjoying and admiring each other. Only in families where the husband and wife are spiritually close, love never passes.

The family is a cell of spiritual progress, and it should be created between people not only for material well-being and the birth of children, but also for the joint spiritual development of a husband and wife.

What is the family for?

Family is the main foundation for the birth and upbringing of a new person. The more mutual understanding and happiness in a family, the happier and calmer children grow up. They learn the relationship between a man and a woman by watching their parents.

The family is responsible for the formation of a person, a new personality in society. If there is a joint movement in the family towards a common spiritual goal, then children learn to think about their soul and development. The family gives the person a sense of security and teaches to help others.. Mutual respect, sympathy, understanding of each other make the family truly happy.

The family is created not only for the relationship between a man and a woman in love. The most important goal of creating a family is the opportunity for husband and wife to engage in self-improvement together.. They must understand themselves, their spiritual nature and needs.Find a way to self-awareness and understanding that the soul is eternal and it needs to be learned to purify and develop. By accepting the need for their own self-development for a happy life, they will be able to create a family that will help them on the path of spiritual growth.

What is a happy family for?

From many troubles, quarrels and cooling feelings family can be saved by engaging in activities that help other people, self development. Activities aimed at the welfare of others help add to the relationship between husband and wife feelings of mutual help and service. This is the starting point for changing their relationship to each other for the better. They become associates, and their relationships move to a higher spiritual level and become more stable.

The main mission of a happy family is their invaluable contribution to the development of the consciousness of every person and the entire planet. It is the happy consciousness of people that can lead to positive changes in society and the development of all mankind, to protect people from cruelty, inhumanity, aggression and a low level of culture.

Duties of the husband in the family

  • In a real family, the husband provides shelter, protection, and finance.His masculine principle is expressed in the ability to give all this to their loved ones.
  • The husband is responsible for the proper organization of the life of all family members. He should inspire his wife to perform his duties and duties.

  • The husband is responsible for the external livelihoods of his family, her moral strength.
  • A man should remain strong and responsible, transferring his strength and instilling confidence in the safety of his family.

Understanding the main purpose of creating a family - mutual self-improvement and development of the spiritual principle, the husband becomes a real protector and support for his wife and children. And the love and light that he receives in return gives him strength for future accomplishments, victories and a real feeling of happiness for many years.

Duties of the wife in the family

  • Wife shouldnotto educate and teach a husband, but to love and understand him.
  • A real woman should provide her husband with comfort in all internal affairs at home. He should not be distracted by them. Caring about household chores falls on the shoulders of his wife.
  • The wife must have experience, chastity, purity - internal and external, truthfulness, pleasant behavior and a neat appearance.

  • A wife should help her husband achieve their goals with kind words and support.
  • A real wife can teach her husband generosity and gentleness.

By showing patience, respect, tenderness and ability to hear, a woman helps her husband to understand the meaning of creating a family and its purpose.

The meaning of creating a family is to understand two people, united by mutual love, the meaning of life - self-improvement, self-development and self-awareness of their role in this world. It is in the family that there comes an understanding of the importance of love, its high unifying meaning for all people.Love and support of each other in the family, understanding of the duties of both the husband and the wife are the basis for a happy development.

Without a family, not everyone can harmoniously exist in this world. In a family, a person learns to communicate and understand the value of human life, respect for all living things. And most importantly, why do we need a family in this world - this help a person realize his creative role and the importance of showing them kindness and mercy towards others.

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