What documents are required to change the name after

Marriage registration is an important event in the life of every person. After him, the real family efforts begin and the first of them are connected with the change of surname and, accordingly, of documents. To do this, set aside certain deadlines, with non-compliance with which penalties are imposed. Therefore, it is important for every person creating a family to know which documents are required to be replaced when changing their last name after marriage.

Changing not only the passport

what documents when changing the name after marriage is required to be replaced

Some people think that you only need to change your passport. Of course, this is the main document. To replace it, it is given 30 days from the moment the official registration of the marriage took place. 30 days is the period during which the old passport is still valid, then it becomes invalid. If you fail to comply with this deadline, you will have to pay a fine of several thousand. If you have a passport, you will have to change it. Moreover, there are no strict limits, if you do not plan to travel abroad soon, but it is better to do everything in advance.

But there are other documents in which the name is spelled and which require replacement.

  • Pension card. In accordance with the legislation, it is important to re-register this document, although in reality many employers do not pay attention to the divergence of names.
  • SNILS. In the process of replacing the SNILS when changing the name after marriage, the old account number remains. The employer or employee of the Pension Fund is able to make a replacement. This should be done within 2 weeks after receiving a new family name.
  • Driver's license. If you do not replace, the punishment will be severe.
  • Insurance policy. Usually, the replacement is handled by the insurance company that issued it. If the person changing the name, working, this can be done by the employer.
  • Bank cards. They are changed by the employer or employees of the bank branch that issued the card. The number remains, the changes relate to the customer base.
  • Employment history. It does not need to be changed, but it is necessary to bring certain information to the personnel department, such as a passport, marriage certificate, statement.

Other documents that are affected by marriage include the TIN, the personal account of the tenant of a municipal apartment, and, if desired, diplomas.

How to replace documents?

How to replace documents

So, you first need to get a new passport. To do this, visit the MFC. Replacement is carried out within 10 days from the moment all the necessary documents were submitted and the application to change the name after marriage after the pattern given by the employees.

In order to carry out the replacement of a passport, you need to collect the following documents:

  • a written petition in which the valid signature and surname are written;
  • marriage document;
  • receipt that the fee was paid;
  • 2 passport photos;
  • old passport

In order to get a new passport, you need to go to the MFC, take with you the documents:

  • a statement in several copies, in which the previous surname, place and date of its change are written, it is notarized according to the working, training place;
  • a valid passport and copies of all its pages that contain personal information;
  • certificate of an official resident of Russia, if citizenship was issued after the beginning of autumn 1991;
  • receipt of payment of duty;
  • 4 passport photos;
  • former passport.

Medical policy is better to re-register in the clinic. The deadline for receipt is about 2 months. To change will need an old policy and a new passport.

The pension card is reissued within 1-3 months. We need to collect several documents:

  • statement;
  • former pension certificate;
  • valid passport with a new name.

To obtain a driver's license you need documents such as:

  • a valid passport with a new name;
  • marriage certificate with photocopy;
  • a certificate from the hospital about the state of health containing the current name;
  • driver card;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • old rights.

To replace a bank card, you need to fill out the appropriate application and attach a copy of a valid passport with valid initials, a marriage certificate and a previous card. It is possible to make changes to the work record by providing a copy of the marriage registration certificate.

As you can see, each procedure is quite feasible on its own. The main thing is to do everything in time and submit the necessary documents. This is important, because why start a family life with fines?

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