What documents are needed for registration of maternity

Any legal state cares about its citizens. Some categories of the population become priorities, in particular, they include mothers and children. In the Russian Federation, the maternity capital program has been operating since 2007. What documents are needed for its registration? Let's talk about this in detail.

The legal side of the coin

what documents are needed for social assistance

As already mentioned, back in 2007, the state at the legislative level provided for the possibility of formalizing the so-called maternity capital. Unfortunately, this social security program is not indefinite and the possibility of processing such assistance was originally planned until December 31, 2016.

Before we turn to the question of what documents are needed to receive social assistance from the state - the maternity capital, I would like to pay special attention to those categories of the population who are eligible for this financial support. So, these include:

  • Women who gave birth to the second baby no earlier than 01/01/2007.
  • Mothers who produced the third and subsequent children into the world from 01/01/2007, if they had not previously resorted to assistance from the state.
  • A man, if he is the only parent, including the adopter of the second and subsequent children.
  • Fathers entrusted with raising children in some cases stipulated by legislative acts.
  • Directly children, if their parents did not exercise their right for certain reasons.

I would like to dwell in more detail on when the representatives of the male half of the population have the opportunity to design the maternity capital. Such a right is open for men when the mother of the children has died, is recognized in court as deceased, or is deprived of the right to fulfill parental obligations, and also has committed a lawful act against the law of their children.

Minor children, like those who have reached the age of 18, also have this right. However, it opens only in cases where previously parents did not resort to the help of the state. As for adult citizens, they have the right to receive capital only with full-time education at the university. Upon reaching the age of 23, the opportunity to exercise such a right is lost.

The amount of funds issued by the parent capital varies in accordance with inflationary indicators, the growth of price categories and changes in a number of related factors. According to the legislative acts, in 2007 the marginal amount of capital for a mother was a quarter of a million rubles, and in 2016 its amount approached 4,53026 rubles.

Documents for registration of maternity capital

Documents for registration of maternity capital

Today, there is a project, according to which the action of this type of social assistance to families is extended for another 2 years, that is, until 31.12.2018. When a woman becomes a subject for such a right, namely after the birth of the second or following babies, she can apply to the regional office of the Pension Fund with a corresponding application. The application is made in a specific form.

The main condition is that the baby must be a citizen of our state. There are no clear deadlines for applying for registration of maternity capital. A mother can do this after reaching the second or subsequent children of 23 years of age.

We list the documents that you need in addition to the application:

  • passport;
  • a document certifying the birth of a baby and its attitude towards citizenship.

If the parents or persons replacing them do not have RF citizenship, they must provide information confirming the baby’s belonging to our citizenship.

As already mentioned, the father has the right to make maternity capital in some cases. If he acts as an applicant, then in addition to the above documentary acts, the following documents must be submitted to the appropriate unit of the Pension Fund:

  • a certificate confirming his paternity or adoption;
  • documents showing information that the mother is deprived of the rights to children, declared dead or serving a sentence for a criminal act committed against her child;
  • an act of death of the mother of children.

The documents submitted are reviewed by authorized persons within one calendar month, after which a certificate of the prescribed form is issued.

Purpose of maternal savings

Purpose of maternal savings

Recently, there is an active discussion in the global network that any mother who has issued capital has the right to receive a one-time payment in the amount of 20 thousand rubles. At the same time, money can be spent absolutely for any needs. In this regard, many are interested in what documents are still needed to get 20 thousand from the maternity capital.

We hurry to disappoint you a little, but today such a tool of social assistance from the state is only under development, and it is impossible to receive this amount. Various sources indicate that this law will be enacted in mid-April of this year.

So far we only have to wait, but about where to spend the accumulation of maternity capital, you can think today, especially since the legislator has provided for all possible investments. The received social cash assistance can be spent by Russian families for the purposes fully meeting the interests of their heirs, in particular:

  • to study in higher education;
  • to improve, including expansion, living conditions;
  • the health of their children;
  • mother's pension savings.

Redeem issued family certificate can not. You can receive money only when the child reaches three years, and then not for all needs. The above conditions for capital embezzlement are exhaustive. The state specifically limited the range of needs in order to exclude irrational waste of money by parents.

Take a mortgage: let's talk about legal intricacies

If the family plans to improve and expand its living space by purchasing housing under a mortgage agreement, money from the capital can be obtained immediately after the issuance of the relevant certification documents.

If you are interested in, what documents are needed for registration of the parent capital for a mortgage, we will tell you in detail about several legal nuances. As you have already understood, it will not be possible to receive cash on hand, and in case of a positive resolution of the issue by the Pension Fund units, the required amount is transferred to the credit account of the credit institution. As practice shows, the maximum amount of capital can repay up to 40% of a mortgage loan. This indicator can be modified depending on the value of the apartment (house).

Pension Fund authorities will be required to conduct an audit within one calendar month. Accommodation in the mortgage pledge, according to the living conditions should be better than the previous one. Here the interests of children are always taken into account.

To be able to pay off a mortgage loan at the expense of such state assistance, you will need a number of documents:

  • title documents for an immovable object;
  • mortgage contract (original);
  • information about the size of the loan, balance and interest charges.

The use of such a tool to repay a mortgage loan is allowed if the contract is executed for a spouse. In this case, his documents and marriage registration certificate are required.

As you can see, there are many legal subtleties in the design of state aid, which in no case can not be ignored. If you can not independently deal with the features of bureaucratic procedures, contact a qualified lawyer for help. Do not forget that maternity capital is not only state support, but also the possibility of improving the living conditions of your children. Our government has high hopes for this program, especially with regard to increasing the level of procreation.

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