What documents are needed for registration of a newborn

The birth of a child always causes a lot of positive bright emotions and impressions of parents. They rejoice at the birth of their first child, acquire the necessary things, toys, and try by all means to make this time unforgettable. As you know, the birth of a child is accompanied by a series of small formalities related to the paperwork. Not all parents know what documents are needed for the registration of a newborn child. Legal subtleties do not give rest to each of us, therefore in our article we will tell in detail about all the nuances of such a bureaucratic and relatively formal procedure.

What documents are needed for registration of a newborn child, depending on the place of registration?

What documents are needed for registration of a newborn baby

The birth of a baby is a wonderful event. It is with the appearance in any family of the crumbs in the lives of parents that cardinal changes occur. Of course, the baby needs to be surrounded with love and care, but do not forget that your baby is a citizen of our country who has full rights.

If a baby has parents, then it must be registered with them. In a number of cases, the living space of either father or mother is chosen for registration. Unfortunately, in life it happens that children lose their parents immediately after birth. In such situations, all parental rights are transferred to the guardians. In this regard, the crumb can not be registered with an aunt, uncle, grandfather or grandmother.

Federal legislation does not set deadlines for the passage of such a registration procedure, but it is not necessary to delay this. The faster you complete all the documents, the calmer you will be. Moreover, you will have another reason to arrange a modest family holiday. If you do not register your baby in a timely manner, this is fraught with small but unpleasant consequences, in particular, the payment of an administrative penalty.

Parents need to prepare in advance a number of documentary acts:

  • birth certificate;
  • passport details.

As already mentioned, the baby by the rules must be registered with his parents. In practice, there are cases when the baby wants to register either in the father’s house or to the mother. Let's take a closer look at each situation.

How to register a baby to the mother?

the baby must be registered with the rules along with his parents

During one calendar month from the date of birth of the crumbs, you need to issue the main document in the life of a small person - a birth certificate. If you are not bound by marriage, then to obtain such a document in the registry office must come and mom and dad. Otherwise, the child will be considered to be born to a single mother. In this regard, the biological father automatically loses the right and any grounds for registration of the baby with him.

The registration procedure should be held in the passport office. One of the parents must fill out an application according to the established pattern. In addition, for registration registration it is required to provide a number of additional documentary acts:

  • the original birth certificate of the baby;
  • passport details of mom and dad baby;
  • house book;
  • personal account information.

The registration procedure for living space lasts no more than 7 calendar days. In the passport of mom and dad, you can immediately display information about the birth of the crumbs.

Features registration of the newborn to the father

For various reasons, a newborn may be registered with the father.

The procedure for registering an infant on dad's living space is practically the same as described above. For various reasons, a newborn may be registered with the dad. In this case, the consent of the mother of the baby is required. The father fills out an application according to the established model, in which he expresses his intention to register the child in his living space. In this case, the mother must make the appropriate application-permit, which confirms her consent to conduct such a procedure.

It often happens that by the time of the baby’s registration the calendar month has elapsed since the day he was born. In this case, the father provides an extract of all the entries made in the house book, at the place of residence of the mother, which must confirm that the baby is not registered in a different living space.

Further, the registration procedure is carried out in the prescribed manner. Regardless of the place of registration, authorized persons of the passport office perform all actions within 1-7 days from the date of filing the application and all necessary documentary acts.

If the child is prescribed to his guardians, then the latter must perform all the above steps in the same way. All the documents listed need to be attached with an act or a court decision confirming custody.

What is different package of documents for registration in an apartment and house?

What documents are needed for registration of a newborn child in an apartment or house

Apart from the fact that the procedure of registering a child for a certain living space differs in those with whom he will be registered, there are some insignificant differences when prescribing a newborn to a private house or apartment. Before we consider these nuances, I would like to draw special attention to the fact that the baby can be registered in the living space of the parents, even if the house or apartment does not belong to them, but they are already registered there. Also, the housing area does not play a role. Even if according to the legislative standards the housing is too small, the baby will still be registered in it.

Now let's see what are the features of registration of the crumbs in the apartment. The procedure regardless of the living space is almost the same. If you want to register the baby in the apartment, then you will need to take the house book and make an extract from it, which is issued by the passport office. But for prescribing the crumbs in an individual house, such an extract is not required. Parents enough to provide the original house book. The rest of the registration procedure is carried out according to the standard scheme.

The baby can be prescribed temporarily for a specific living space. In this case, it must be registered only with the mother. Other options are not provided by law. Subsequent registration is carried out according to another procedure, all aspects of which will be told to you in the passport office.

As you can see, the appearance of the crumbs is always associated not only with joy, but also with legal formalities. So that your life is not overshadowed by fines or annoying "letters of happiness" from the passport office, make all documents in a timely manner. Your child is already a small citizen, so make your rights legal.

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