What changes after the wedding

In the relationship of man and woman, as in a good novel, there is tie - acquaintance, arising sympathy, development of events - like the development of relationships, the period of courtship, climax - marriage proposal, and the subsequent wedding, it turns out, ... the ending? Surely, after the wedding, everything ends? .. Love, romance ... Is there really no longer any of this? And then what will remain? Find the answer to this question, we will help you, dear ladies, in this article. So, what changes after the wedding?

Most of the melodramas and ladies' novels end with the wedding of the main character and her chosen one. But they don’t tell us how their life is formed after the materialization of the cherished stamp directly into the passport. Therefore, we have to learn everything on our own experience. Well, dear readers, we have two news for you on this issue: traditionally, bad and good. And we will start with the most unfortunate news - from the bad, that is, from the negative moments that arise after the wedding.

What changes after a wedding for the worse?

Good deed will not be called marriage ...

As they say, a good thing will not be called a marriage ... The first thing that changes after the wedding is your whole life. Yes, yes, completely. Even if before the marriage you and your young man lived together, this does not guarantee that after him, everything will remain the same. Of course, there will be some fewer problems with joint life, since you already know its subtleties, but other dramatic changes will arise: the first and most important thing is that now the period of romantic relations gives way to everyday, everyday things.

That life with mom and dad, which you thought was everyday, that you led only from necessity, living from meeting to meeting with your beloved, was now projected onto this very life with that beloved. Now life with a guy, or rather already with her husband, will become commonplace, everyday. And it must be clearly understood and adequately accepted this course of events. After all, the candy-bouquet premarital period cannot last forever, and, therefore, after the wedding, you will no longer have to go somewhere for a walk, eat rolls and dance ... several times a week ...

Romance will be much less, or it may disappear altogether ... It will be replaced by worries about the family budget, the upcoming repairs, future children in the end! After all, now you are a new unit of society, you are a husband and a wife, and this means that it’s time for you to live not only for yourself, but for each other and your children, as your parents lived for many years. If you refuse to accept it, then, probably, it is worthwhile to postpone the marriage, because this internal protest speaks of not being ready for it.

How do men change after the wedding?

Not being your husband, your beloved shaved every day, dressed neatly, watched how he eats, what he says ... And after the wedding, the neat and esthete was replaced - lying on the couch in old jeans with three-day stubble, does not use during meals with a napkin and no longer notices the strong words slipping into his speech ...

He draws his attention to you less, does not call him a rabbit, a fish, baby doll ... He talks and thinks about work more and more, less about you and about love for you. He avoids marital duties, citing wild fatigue, and spends his days off at a computer and television company. In every way discourages from joint trips and trips somewhere, and no longer asks for your opinion about the fact that he is going to go alone on his friend's birthday. And so on and so forth ... What can you say? Underline, that's what. Who is married, or was once, he will understand.

How do women change after the wedding?

Are we women? Do we remain the same, getting the full right to your man? We are changing, and very much changing. And externally including. Do not hesitate to appear before your loved one without makeup, with unwashed hair, in a stretched sweater and sweatpants. Often we forget to do epilation, manicure ... And then we wonder why this sex after the wedding has become less? We relax, and men and women are very relaxed in marriage. And what to worry about, because he (she) is not going anywhere from me ... After all, right?

And our behavior? Whims, reproaches, beginning to annoy little things that used to seem unimportant ... and scandals, scandals, scandals, which were initiated by us women in most cases. And what, he is there in the garage before the night is busy, and I'm here as a fool should one clean the entire apartment, and even cook dinner? Well, no ... in the end - a tired, hungry husband, plus your anger, as well - a quarrel ... And when children appear - write is gone ... There is no worries above the roof, and there is no help from the blessed. And so on and so forth and so on ...

What changes after a wedding for the better?

One negative, you say. No, not at all. Marriage also consists of advantages. But they are visible only to those who do not forget why he agreed to this marriage. Namely, about love for your man, about all the good things that happened between you ... You can’t look only for cons in everything.

  1. Marriage means that you will always be together now, that you are one family, and no one can interfere with your love.
  2. After the wedding, many jealous people pacify their ardor, realizing that if a woman agreed to associate her life with him, then she needs no other.
  3. Many men start to work more after the wedding, not because they are selfish careerists, but because a young family needs money, a lot of money, and who, like a man, has to earn it.

Be more attentive to each other, do not let go of everything "on the brakes", discuss the problems that arise. Quietly, calmly, without scandals, talk about your problems. Do not run yourself, often remind your husband of your love with words and deeds, and you will see, he will begin to answer you the same.

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