Weekend - means leaving the house

How come the weekend, so immediately remember about washing, cleaning and cooking. For a break from all this, you just want to fall on the sofa, turn on an interesting film and end the evening with a beer glass. But is this the only way to spend the weekend with interest?

If you look at the root of the word "Weekend", then immediately comes a hint about what costs us somewhere to EXIT. I do not argue - to clean the apartment and wash clothes too. But is it worth spending the whole day on this? To sort the laundry and send it to the washing machine, it will take 5-10 minutes. And after that you can get dressed and go out - finally make the day off an unforgettable day!

What can be done special on the weekend:

ü Go to the cinema. If you really like to watch movies at home, then make a habit of once a month to go to the premiere in the local cinema. Here in our family I like horror films, fantasy and detective stories more, and my husband - historical films, aliens and fantasy. To watch in the cinema, we will definitely choose something that unites us and, at the same time, spectacular. Even if I like a romantic story, I will not go to the cinema because of her. What for? But when it comes to the most detailed drawing of the unknown world, when the passions are overwhelming ... Try it and you will jointly find what each of you will like.

ü Buy tickets to the theater, opera or ballet. Yes, we can agree that nowadays the performances are not those, intelligent actors are few, the theater has lost its former charm. But if you did not go there, then why so sure? Believe me, you can always find the direction that will be interesting. Personally, I frankly missed on the Swan Lake, but the whole ballet, dedicated to the Second World War. Not a single word, but how clear the movement! For a change, you can go to the theater about once a season. But there will be something to discuss after.

ü Go to the circus. Why? Do only children go there? Even a young married couple without babies can get great pleasure there. When high up under the dome, hanging down on a piece of cloth, the girl is incredibly dancing in the air, just breathtaking from what he saw! Add more views of jugglers, strongmen and clowns. Great mix for a good mood!

ü Go to nature. Take the meat on the kebabs (in order to save the sausages fit), invite friends to rest. Of course, this is feasible in good warm weather. Is it worth freezing in a terrible cold just because of kebabs, which will cool down already in the process of approaching the mouth?

ü Recall extreme. For example, jump with a parachute, fly a paraglider, arrange a race on quad bikes. There are many ways to dramatically increase the adrenaline in the blood. Typically, these types of recreation are significantly more of the above, but the effect of them is several times higher. If you set yourself a goal, then you can gradually collect money for something really interesting to you.

ü Shock work in the country. If you do not have a dacha, you can offer help to your relatives, friends, and acquaintances. This way of recreation is perfect for office staff. When the brain has been actively working in an indoor environment all week, it needs a change of activity. Persistent physical work will allow you to take a break from mental work, strain the relaxed muscles of the body, and activate the metabolic processes in the body. In addition, it is very pleasant in the evening to go into the shower and wash off the salt solution of sweat, dirt and fatigue. It is at such moments that you begin to value the benefits of civilization with a new force and understand that working on earth requires great diligence.

At last: I missed the item "Go to visit friends" is no coincidence. After all, it will mean that you left one house and came to another. This is a small change of scenery, which still does not allow the soul to turn around in free space, spread its “wings” and feel rested.

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