Wedding signs

To believe or not to believe in omens is a personal matter. It is possible, as a last resort, and to check. However, the wedding - it is, ideally, once in a lifetime. And here you have to trust those who have already checked everything on themselves. And especially - those who, with special observation and diligence, were able to summarize this experience into wedding signs and traditions in order to pass on to descendants. We read, think and believe only in good!

Weddings of old are inseparable from omens, superstitions and traditions. At the same time, when it comes to marriages, even those who have despised and ridiculed the popular "zababons" throughout their entire lives have become superstitious. This is understandable: on this day too much is at stake. All further, we can say happiness.

On the other hand, wedding ceremonies and traditions are so numerous that I don’t remember everything. However, times are changing. Many wedding signs and traditions are a thing of the past. Where are you today, for example, meet a woman with an empty bucket? Yes, even with the full. Even garbage in our time is taken out in packages, and all the buckets left for the country. So let's talk about the current.

Wedding omens that the bride should know

Wedding omens that the bride should know

First of all, these are signs of a wedding dress and accessories.

  • The most terrible dream of the bride is the dress seen by the groom before the wedding. It is impossible, otherwise the couple’s well-being cannot be seen!
  • From envious glances on the hem of the dress on the back side, it is advised to make a pair of cross-stitches with blue or blue threads. In a men's suit for this purpose, the safety pin is vertically fastened down.
  • The bride should not look in the mirror before the wedding day "at full parade." You can measure everything, but not immediately. For example, wear a veil and shoes in turn.
  • Underwear is only white. Regardless of the color of the dress.
  • Wedding shoes should not be worn for the first time. At least take a walk in it on the street the day before.
  • In the dress, first the head is pushed, and then the hands. Wearing a wedding dress through the legs can not be!
  • Bad luck - heel broken on the wedding day. However, some say that this means that the head of the house will be a husband. As it should be.

  • Dropping the ring on the wedding day, and even in the most solemn moment - not only an annoying mistake, but also a bad omen for the future. In this case, the witness must be in store for a stern thread. It needs to be threaded through both rings together - and family life is already out of danger.
  • Rings must be new and even, without cuts, carvings or stones. Then fate will be even. Old or melted rings - even if a heirloom - as a wedding will not work. You drag on someone else's fate.
  • The entire festive day the bride can not let go of the wedding bouquet. Miss a bouquet - will fly away happiness. If necessary, it can only hold the mother or the groom. At the banquet, he stands on the table in front of the young. Forgetting him there and not taking him to the bedroom is a bad omen.
  • For "throwing at girlfriends," it is better to prepare a doubler bouquet, a lighter version. After all, it can catch a girl with bad energy.
  • If the bride soiled the dress before the registrar, it may lose its pure reputation. The bridegroom got dirty - it won't turn out a good host.
  • No one, except the witness and the mother, can fix the clothes and accessories on the bride.
  • The bottom and top of the dress must be solid, stitched together.
  • You can not help the bride dress anyone who wears the same name.
  • Open shoes at the bride - to a constant drain of money.
  • On the night before the wedding, the bride should put a mirror under her pillow - until old age she will be beautiful and beloved.

Common wedding omens and traditions

Common wedding omens and traditions

  • From the moment the bride and groom meet on the wedding day and until the end of the marriage ceremony, you need to make sure that not a single soul passes between them.
  • The widespread tradition of honking when a wedding procession is driving down the street is in fact a bad omen. There will be no money in the family.
  • Pillows in the bedroom on the wedding night should lie cuts to each other.
  • Empty boxes from the rings should be immediately removed. It is bad if someone from the young took them in their hands on this day after the exchange of rings.
  • If, during the wedding, the bride and groom met their views - to adultery.
  • If the bridegroom on this day step on his foot, it will reduce his masculine power. The bride should immediately wipe his shoes with a handkerchief. But if the bride on the leg inadvertently come the bride, he will be henpecked.
  • If the groom scratches his palms - to a rich life. If the bride - to unreasonable housekeeping and poverty.
  • Before the ceremony, the bride and groom should in secret from all eat one small chocolate bar for two - this is to the sweet life and the lack of secrets between them.
  • In the registry office must go the shortest and most direct road. And from the registry office, on the contrary, long and confusing. In this case, none of the guests can not explain why. Even if they decide that they are deliberately delayed on the way to the table.
  • Someone got up and walked between the bride and the mirror in which she looks, will lead her husband.
  • In the first visit after the wedding to the groom's house, the young wife should be carried across the threshold in her arms. Has crossed - it means, the alien came. Transferred - there was a member of the family.
  • Opposite the bride and groom can not be planted divorced.
  • On the way to the registry office can not look back.
  • The bride stepped into a puddle - to live with a drinker.
  • Someone from the young stumbled before the ceremony - not sure of his choice.
  • The bride sneezed in the morning before the wedding - to a happy life. If you intentionally tickle your nose - it does not count.
  • To be a witness or witness more than 3 times - to a celibate or a very late and unsuccessful marriage.

Wedding omens and traditions, of course, must be respected. But this must be done tactfully and wisely. The worst sign is to make enemies and other offended people at the wedding. Nevertheless, the main thing for young people is to love, understand and take care of each other. And then no evil forces will rule the ball in their family life.

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