Wedding seating plan

When such a grand event as a wedding is planned, some people get a nervous tic. And it’s not at all that you need to get married and live with a person all your life, but because there is a whole bunch of preparations ahead. And they see no end, and the edge! You can calm yourself only with one phrase: “It’s all gone, and I’ll pass.” Well, if for you all the preparations will be carried out by employees or parents, which is even better. But if you decide on the “full package”, then you should get ready for serious work. The most difficult thing is to accommodate guests at your celebration of life. How to plant all relatives so that they feel great and are satisfied?

We select the room for a wedding banquet

To get started is to decide how many people will be and pick up the appropriate room. Do not spare money for renting a large room. Your guests should not be crowded. This is not the case when “in crampedness, but not mad”. When you invite guests, you must provide them with all the conditions for a comfortable stay. It is not necessary to mention that the wedding room should have, in addition to seating, a platform for dancing, games and competitions. Also a place for a DJ or orchestra also does not hurt.

Rules for seating young people and guests

The bride and groom should sit, of course, next. And the groom to the left of his wife, to the right takes the place of the witness, and to the right of the groom - the witness. Parents are placed on the places of honor: either next to the witnesses, or in the center of the table. Some couples allot parents a separate table.

Not everyone knows, but the landing of the guests should be held by the most real rules.

  1. The older the guest, the closer he should sit to the young.
  2. Guests - colleagues, couples and friends are better not to plant next to them so as not to form a “handful”. In order to cope with such a task, you need to know well the guests you invite. This is necessary in order to alternate cheerful and playful with romantic and silent. Then everyone will be interested.

Wedding seating plan depending on the type of table

Seating schemes are different. But the most important principle is inherent in all - young people should see everyone and everyone present should see the bride and groom well. From this and it is worth repelling.

  1. If you have chosen for your wedding modest format and a small number of guests, then you can get by with the usual table. Newlyweds in this case should be seated in the center.
  2. The T-shaped or L-shaped table is intended for a large enough company.
  3. U - shaped table - one of the most common schemes for seating guests. And not without reason, because this is the most convenient way in terms of composition. Everyone can see everyone.
  4. Even more guests can be seated at the III-shaped table.
  5. There are also “foreign” ways of distributing people at weddings. For example, the location is in English. We see this in every Hollywood movie about the wedding and not only. The bride and groom are located in the center, and the guests and parents - at the tables in small groups. The Italians have not gone far. They put the young on a pedestal, so that the new family towers over the guests. And the guests themselves sit at small tables, but in a semicircle, opposite the young ones.

No matter how you plant your guests, be sure that they feel comfortable, they have enough space and they feel good. In the bustle, you can forget about this rule, however, it plays a very important role. Yes, you are arranging this wedding for yourself, but you cannot offend the guests. Not to pay attention to them is to show disrespect, and this is unacceptable.

Boarding cards at the wedding

Landing cards are a nice cheat sheet that will protect your guests from the hustle and bustle. Such attributes are not a trifle, they significantly reduce the risk that guests will start to panic.

Planting cards can be made with your own hands, without attracting experts. On each card is written the name and surname of the guest. How to decorate such cards - decide for yourself. You can bring to this activity small children, nephews, brothers and sisters. They will like this occupation, and you will be assistants. The guests, for sure, will be very pleased to learn that the personal “invitations to the table” were made by the kids, because this is touching.

Boarding cards can be matched to the bridesmaid dress or to the general entourage. Only at first glance, making cards will seem like a heavy burden. In fact - this is a very exciting experience, besides, very useful. Who knows what will happen at the moment when the guests search for their surname: perhaps there will be many pleasant acquaintances, and then you will be thanked for the “correct” seating!

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