Wedding preparations

Preparing for a wedding is a pleasant thing, but also exciting. You have time to do so much to hold your wedding on the highest level. Any little thing should be thought out, from the decoration of the car and ending with the design of the wedding cake, so that it does not happen that you only remember it at the wedding. Therefore, everything must be thought out in advance, and it is better early. Make a list of things you need to do in advance with your fiancé and proceed to their execution.

Where to celebrate

The traditional place of celebration is the restaurant or cafe premises. No need to think through the situation, the number of chairs and look for chefs, since almost every restaurant will meet you and take into account all the wishes when celebrating a wedding. But you will need to count the number of invited guests and the number of people that can accommodate a restaurant. Some cafes can accommodate up to 50 people, but often they have a separate banquet room for a few dozen people, the rent of which can be arranged in advance.

How to prepare for the wedding?

The cafe, most likely, will offer you its own menu option or even a few, which you can view and make adjustments, or you can create the menu option yourself. The practice of Russian weddings shows that attention is paid to food for the first 15–20 minutes, and then they go over to alcohol. So it is better to include more snacks in the menu, and let the main course be something very large and tasty for a large number of servings. Also, remember before making the menu, maybe there will be vegetarians among your guests or just those who by taste do not like some kind of dish. If you wish, you can hire specialists, and they will decorate the hall with flowers, garlands and balloons if the cafe refuses to decorate the hall. Do not forget to discuss the correct arrangement of tables, time and order of serving dishes.

Wedding procession

  • Thinking through transport is not less important point in preparing for the wedding. Most newlyweds want to chicly ride the streets of his native city on an expensive car. To do this, you will need to contact the car rental company - you can order wedding limousines from them, or luxury cars.
  • Before contacting such a company, count the exact number of people and think over the wedding route. Handle better in advance, and not a few days before the wedding, otherwise all good cars can be dismantled. Do not forget also about the color, at weddings the black, white and silver colors of the cars look most harmonious, you can choose a cherry and dark blue tone.
  • Red cars at the wedding would be inappropriate, if there are any, it is better to put them in the tail of the procession. And of course, the cars should be beautifully decorated: bright ribbons and bows will suit the light cars, and light ones to the dark ones; the bride and groom’s car is decorated separately by the figure of the newlyweds or by two intertwined wreaths of flowers in the form of rings.

Wedding shooting

After many years you will show your children photos and videos from your wedding, so it is very important that they are of good quality. Take seriously the choice of the company for shooting - be sure to read the reviews about this company and do not choose the first one that is available, ask your friends, maybe someone will advise you a great photographer. Also ask your favorite company for samples of their work to ensure their professionalism. You can arrange with the photographer to make a film about your wedding from individual pieces.

How to prepare for the wedding?

Wedding program

  1. This is perhaps the broadest concept, and includes the entertainment of guests during the feast, and the very route of the wedding day. Some couples decide on a wedding on the wedding day, which is usually recorded in advance, as in most churches the wedding is by appointment. But my advice to you is that you don’t need to cram so many things in one day, and the wedding, and the wedding, after all the wedding is a sacred mystery, which should be allocated a separate day without haste.
  2. Write down the route of the wedding places that you visit, while calculating everything in time, otherwise it may turn out that while you drive around all the places, time will begin to tighten, and you will not have time to go to the table in time. The next important point is the choice of the toastmaster, the atmosphere of the holiday and the mood of the guests largely depend on it. What does the toastmaster do? First of all, it doesn’t bore the guests, unloads the young - gives them the opportunity to eat and distract, stirs the general mood with fun contests and games, and pays attention to each guest and smoothes out possible inconvenient situations that sometimes arise in unfamiliar people. So your task is to find a master of ceremonies that would cope well with all the tasks, usually a good master of gold and must be ordered in advance.
  3. If it so happened that they were already disassembled, then when choosing a toastmaster look at a couple of weddings with her participation. Optionally, you can order the wedding of artists who will perform a show program or perform one or two of their concert numbers, and it’s up to you to decide whether it will be an oriental dance of sultry beauty or humorous numbers. Just do not forget that the wedding will be people of the adult generation and they will not be very comfortable at the wedding to listen to, for example, rock songs.

These are the highlights of the wedding, but there are still a lot of little things that you should think about so as not to worry about anything at the wedding. But to paint this day by the minute is also useless, leave some room for improvisation, the main thing is that on this day you do not depict a tired smile on your face, but shine with happiness.

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