Wedding in russian style

Now, many are eager to arrange themed weddings. This is due primarily to the fact that this day should be remembered for a lifetime and become the most vivid and extraordinary. Reflecting on the subject of weddings, many bring in a foreign flavor, attributes of any beliefs, film scripts. But why not turn to antiquity, to your roots and not discover for yourself all the delights russian folk wedding?

The image of the bride in the Russian style

Creating the color of the ancient era of our state, one should remember about the main attributes of that time. Remember Russian fairy tales. Wooden huts, stove, balalaika, round dances, funny songs and dances, the unchanging Russian troika and the ruddy cheeks of the red girls are only a small part of what can be used to create the appropriate atmosphere.

Mostly at any wedding, of course, is the image of the bride. Needless to say, it should seem to come out of that era in our day. The outfits were colorful at the time.

Now it is not a problem to buy a wedding dress of "non-traditional cut". It is better if it will be natural fabrics and the simpler the better. The simplest white dress can, for example, be decorated with a bright red fabric.

As for hair, then there is also simplicity - the key to success. Must choose hairstyles containing weave elements, various braids (Especially since now such a hairstyle is at the peak of fashion). The dress and the image as a whole should be natural. Makeup is also a concern. Of course, our ancestors had a tendency to whiten their face, blush their cheeks with beets, and blacken their brows with ulema. But now it would look at least ridiculous. Therefore, it should, for example, highlight the eyes and make a blush, and leave the lips to show off in a gloss or lipstick of a neutral tone. Or, on the contrary, to highlight the lips, not forgetting the blush, but for the eyes to pick up the delicate shadows to match the skin. In any case, the choice of makeup will be closely related to the color of the bride's dress.

Decor and decorations for a wedding in the Russian style

A good Russian wedding requires decent decorations. It is best to move all the action out of town. Now you can find a lot of suitable cottages on the banks of rivers or lakes, which resemble Russian huts, but at the same time look decent and colorful.

In the House It is imperative to cover a large table, which should simply "break from the dishes."Food, according to Russian traditions, it is better to choose boiled or baked.

Do not forget that in Russia, the wedding always were playing.Cheerful music to be performed on a balalaika, an accordion or a button accordion, Russian folk songs and dances will create the right atmosphere of genuine happiness and real Russian fun!

It is worth remembering and about round dance. It should not be like for the new year around the Christmas tree, in measured steps, a circle there, a circle back. Feel free to make your own creative changes to this uncomplicated dance.

For example, let the bride be in the circle, the music will be very fun, all the guests will hold hands and will run one way or the other, occasionally narrowing the circle around the bride.

Also, our great country is famous for its fun games, in which sin is not to play at the wedding. Dance, play, sing, jump over the fire, compete in climbing a tree, for example. The mood will come by itself, you will not even notice how!

Russian wedding signs

Well, what a wedding without signs! Here are a few that are designed to "accompany" the Russian wedding celebration.

  • You can not show the bridegroom dress before the wedding, otherwise you will quarrel over trifles.
  • In the wedding dress can not use natural pearls. This is for tears.
  • If at the wedding tableware beats - fortunately the young.
  • Whoever crosses the threshold of the house first is the head of the family.
  • To lose a wedding ring - to divorce.

Appeal to the Russian folk style will provide you with an incredibly fun, original and bright wedding. In addition, a return to your native roots is always a good tradition, which, undoubtedly, should bring a lot of happiness, love and good luck to your future family!

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