Wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

Wedding hairstyle is not only difficult to do, but it is not easy to choose it - there are thousands of hair styles that are recommended to choose according to the type, length and even hair color. In addition, the modern wedding fashion industry offers many different accessories for decorating wedding hairstyles. The most famous and common of these accessories is the veil.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

Bridal veil in modern bride

In our time, the veil has ceased to be a mandatory attribute of the bridal outfit. However, this wedding accessory is the most popular. According to old beliefs the veil serves the bride as a kind of amulet, protection from negative influence from outside. In addition, it was believed that the veil completes the image of a pure and innocent bride.

In the modern world, the veil plays a more aesthetic rather than a ritual role. She often becomes an integral part of the wedding hairstyle of modern brides precisely because of its beauty. The veil should be in harmony with the hairstyle and the overall image of the bride. A veil can add some flavor to the image, add tenderness, mystery and charm to the bride.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

How to choose a veil for the bride?

Choosing a veil is far from easy. In order to choose it correctly, you will have to take into account not only your tastes, but also the peculiarities of the figure, appearance and your image as a whole. Even if you really like a voluminous and long veil, you probably shouldn’t get it if you have a miniature figure and short stature. In such cases, it is better to choose a lightweight, weightless veil of medium length, for example, up to the shoulders or elbow. The magnificent veil will suit the girls who have a large figure. This accessory is able to draw attention to the bride.

As you know, the length of the veil may be different. A short and long shoulder-length veil has become more and more popular. You can choose this version of this wedding accessory if your dress is rather restrained, concise and does not have a large amount of decor. Virtually any dress is combined with a veil length of the elbow. Such a veil is very popular among brides, because with her it is easiest to create a harmonious image.

Another type of veil, which is characterized by particular elegance - veil length to the fingers. This type of veil is a great addition to the lush dress, the frame of which is made up of rings. Not many brides choose a floor-length veil. However, this is probably why she gives the image of the bride inimitable elegance and sophistication.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

In addition to the difference in length, wedding accessories can be divided into groups by the number of layers. The veil can be single-layer. This wedding accessory is often called the "Spanish". This veil is a great addition to the hairstyle with fleece. Best of all, a single-layer veil looks on long-haired girls. Decorated with such a veil can be a variety of embroidery or lace. Moreover, embroidery may differ in color from the veil itself.

Two-layer and multi-layer veils are much more common. A veil of this kind is perfect for a wedding ceremony. Very nice, if such an accessory is made in a cascade style.. That is, the top layer is shorter than the bottom. Decorating such a veil involves the presence of embroidery, stones or satin ribbons. A bride with this accessory will always look very stylish.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

What can complement the veil?

Very often brides prefer to wear a veil without additional accessories. But if it's not enough for you to just veils, you can find a lot of interesting decorations for it. Such additions can be themselves fixtures for the veil. Secure it with unusual decorative studs, you can also use some intricate combs.

If you want to feel like a real princess or queen at a wedding, then choose a suitable tiara or tiara for your veil (read the article Tiaras for the Bride). If you want to add tenderness, insert live or artificial flowers into your hair.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

Wedding hairstyles with veilfor long hair

Many hairdressers advise future brides not to cut their hair before the wedding. After all, if their client has long hair, the hairdresser will immediately expand the field of activity. On long hair, you can realize a variety of fantasies.

  • When creating a wedding hairstyle with a veil it is very important to pay attention to the structure and other features of the hair. If the bride's hair is tight, then she will be suitable, for example, various kinds of braids and weaving. On such hair, such hairstyles hold very well. They will look great with a veil. These hairstyles look fresh, elegant and original.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

  • If you are the owner of thin, damaged and sparse hair, then your hair can not be overloaded with decorative elements. For this type of hair is better to choose Smooth hairstyle, in which there may be medium curls and curls. This hairstyle makes the image clean and gentle, as if drawing a parallel with the angels. In such hairstyles, the veil is also not at all superfluous.
  • Looks good veil and on just loose hair. In order to add a zest to this image, you can use a flower, pinching it on one side of the hairstyle.
  • Nowadays, the bow hairstyle made from your hair has become very popular. You can collect one large of all hair, or several small. It all depends on your imagination. In any case, this is a very showy hairstyle, and a veil in addition to it doesn’t hurt at all.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

For long hair, you can pick up a lot of hairstyles with a veil. The main thing - the correct selection of hairstyles in accordance with the structure of the hair and veil. From the length and volume of the veil may depend on your entire unique image.

Good luck with this difficult choice!

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