Wedding dresses

As soon as the upcoming wedding appears on the horizon of the girl, the very first and for a long time the only thought that comes to mind is: “What dress will I have?”. Whatever one may say, the bridal outfit is the “face” of the wedding. Therefore, the girl carries his sketch in her soul from kindergarten to, strictly speaking, the onset of the event itself.

The choice of dress - only for the bride

What should it be? None! You, and especially your dress, owe nothing and no one! Wedding attire will be what the bride wants to see.. After all, if she doesn’t like what she had dreamed of for so many years, then the wedding will be remembered not as the happiest event in life, but as something spoiled, which is better not to remember. Therefore, dear brides, we bring to your attention a few tips that can help you when choosing a wedding dress, if you are not fully determined what you want. These are no rules, but only recommendations for you to help.

Color palette

So, first of all you need to decide on the color of the dress ... No matter how strange it may sound, but the traditional white has its own shades. And how this or that shade of the dress will harmonize with the color of your skin will determine the harmony of the image of a happy bride.

If you are happy the owner of dark skin and dark eyes and hair, that is, you have an oriental type of appearance, then a white-blue boiling color that gives a blueness will not be so beneficial to emphasize your natural beauty, like, for example, an ivory-colored dress or a splash of champagne. Gold jewelry or gold color trim on the dress will also look nice.

If you, on the contrary, blonde with light skin and blue or green eyes, then in a snow-white cloud dresses will be as good as anything else. Also, the pinkish tint of the skin of natural blondes is favorably emphasized by the cream color. Let it be silk. Cream silk is the height of elegance and classic chic. And it is better to pick jewelry with white pearls or with transparent rhinestones.

If you can not attribute yourself to any other type of female appearance, and your hair is blond or red, then the noble color of vanilla will be an exact hit!

Read more about how to decide on the color of the dress, read the article Wedding dress: the alphabet of color.

Wedding dress length

As for the length of the dress, modern fashion is far from the classic “floor” option and invites brides to choose the length of the dress up to the extreme version with a mini skirt. So lovers of shocking is where to roam. But still it is worth considering that you will have countless reasons to put on a mini, but it’s unlikely to appear as a fairy-tale princess in a long white dress ...

There are more styles of brides' dresses than stars in the sky ... Classic straight, bell skirt, tulip skirt, hemispherical skirt, reptile, plissing, multi-tiered ... and much, much more ... Happy owners of a slim figure can almost afford everything. One has only to take into account some features of his figure.

Size matters

To thin-boned girls with rather narrow hips the best fit skirt-skunk. Her slimming camp and a silhouette expanding to the bottom will visually enlarge the hips, and make the waist more. It is better not to show the collarbone in the cleavage. But you can show a thin back!

Big breasted beauties are not a sin to frame such beauty in neckline corset. The main thing - do not overdo it and do not step over the fine line between light sexuality and vulgarity. By the way, magnificent forms look very advantageously in a dress with a bell skirt.

Straight cut skirts, type of elongated "pencil" goes to everyone without exception. He is elegant, comfortable, besides visually pulls the figure.

When with a style and color more or less decided, it is time to choose fabric and finish. Wedding fashion besides classic silk, tulle and organza offers brocade, satin and even velvet dresses. And as a decoration in general, it erases all boundaries: everything from modest lace and beads to fringe of fur and feathers!

In the salons for newlyweds you can choose a dress to your taste and wallet. But if you clearly want something specific and you don’t find it in stores, then, having time, you can sew a dress to order. Oddly enough, it will be cheaper than buying ready-made. Or you can buy something close to your ideal and "fix" it, change it in the studio.

Nuances when choosing a wedding dress

The important moment which needs to be considered, is a possible fluctuation of weight. Yes, of course, every lady seeks to lose weight before a great event, but it may happen that a miracle does not happen, and you get better on the contrary. Or lose more than planned. Then there will be problems with the dress. You either do not fit into it, or vice versa, it will, as they say, hang on you. In order to prevent this trouble, pick up dress with a corset - It is regulated by lacing. Or zipper prefer classic hooks. Yes, yes, like those on which we fasten the bra. In case of a jump in weight, they can be altered to the desired distance.

Even a modest wedding involves a grand preparation. And the choice of clothes is still flowers. But we will talk about other nuances of preparation for the celebration another time. For now, dear brides, dare! Make your dreams come true, and we will help you with this. Happiness, love to you and all the best!

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