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Oh, those brides! Fashion designers and designers go astray, trying to please them and following the latest trends in wedding fashion. Whatever you say Modern brides often prefer something unusual and even scandalous to the classics.

Changed not only the views on the length of the dress, but even the color! Pink veil is now very few people can be surprised. And the white color is gradually becoming a thing of the past. But white has long been considered the color of purity and innocence. That is why the bride and groom were dressed in it. But centuries have passed, and A snow-white dress at a wedding is no more than a tradition. So, we decide on the color of the wedding dress!

In addition to black and other too dark and gloomy tones, perhaps any color can be the color of your wedding dress.

Most Popular Wedding Dress Colors

Red color -Ladyinred

For example, passionate emotional natures often prefer red. But no wonder! If you recall the story, then in ancient Russia, bridesmaid dress it in a red sundress. A modern ladyinred can choose for her wedding as an evening dress a la Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman", as well as a traditional wedding dress, but only in scarlet color, adding veil and other attributes to the same color.

Pastel chic: pink, blue, lilac

Gentle, romantic natures prefer pastel colors: translucent blue (in ancient times it was a symbol of the immaculate Virgin Mary), lilac, as well as pink - the personification of tenderness. The latter is very fond of blondes. Therefore, if you are blond and like pink, then Barbie Style will suit you very much.

Bright metallic: silver, golden

Wedding dresses with metallic luster will not allow guests at the wedding to tear from you admiring glances for a minute.

Dresses in antique style look very advantageous and solemnly luxurious. Stand in a celebration in the image of the beautiful Greek goddess in purple or beigegold tunic. A hairstyle and sandals in the same style perfectly complement it. For example, the singer Valeria at the wedding with Joseph Prigogine wore such a dress.

Less extravagant, but a bride in a dress from silvery silk or brocade. Like a fairy from a fairy tale you will flicker in the soft lighting of the hall.

White wedding dress

You can also give a lot of examples, because there are so many shades of different colors that you can't count everything. But still, once again think, is it worth putting on a wedding in something radically unconventional? After all, you can wear a colored dress for any other holiday, with or without reason. But White dress to the floor and the airy white veil - alas ... So, look, then you don’t have to bite your elbows.

The color of the bride, purity and chastity White became shortly before the beginning of the XX century. It is believed that the fashion for a white wedding dress introduced the English Queen Victoria. It was she who first put on the marriage ceremony with the Duke Albert Saxe - Coburg - Gothic white dress in 1840. In Russia, the XIX century, almost all girls of high society preferred to wear white to the ball. For example, Natasha Rostova from "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy. And since the XX century, it has become almost impossible to imagine a wedding without white.

Shades of white

AT our days the gamma of white has expanded a lot. And depending on your skin tone, eye and hair color, you can choose your perfect white, which is perfect for you.

If you are blonde with fair skin, then snow white you will be to face like no other! Cream no less accentuate the pinkish hue of the skin. But vanilla, light banana, ivory and champagne more suitable dark brown-haired beauties.

By the way decorated white dress can be any color. For example, red roses, or pink bows, or gold cord ... Many designers practice combining not only materials, but also flowers in one wedding dress. White-pink tones, pistachio-light green, vanilla-gold and even black and white!

Another fact from the story ... Women who were remarried were forbidden to wear white. The traditional color of the dress at the conclusion of the second and subsequent marriages was red.

See also: Evening dress in the Greek style.

Visit the sites of famous wedding designers, look through fashion magazines. There you will surely find something to your liking. Choose, improvise ... Good luck to you!

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