Wedding decoration with your own hands. features of the

Preparing for a wedding takes a lot of time and effort, besides the services of wedding designers are very expensive. You can do many of the preparation steps yourself and thus save money. For example, it is more interesting to make the decoration of the hall, the table and the wedding car on your own, for this it is not necessary to contact the specialists.

Doing your own wedding table decoration is art!

In order for guests to easily find their places at the tables, they are numbered or the names are written on small cards, and the list is posted before entering the festive hall. Cards can be made from cardboard or other durable material and decorate them as you wish. These business cards can be put on each place of the table or attached to glasses and napkins.

DIY wedding decoration

The wedding table at which the groom will sit with the bride can be made out in the flowers or fabric. A skirt for a table made of thin translucent matters, such as tulle, will look beautiful. The material is bought in accordance with the design of the hall and the style in which the wedding will be arranged. But the principle of making jewelry is the same and simple. To decorate the wedding table you will need:

  1. Several meters of thin transparent fabric. A fine mesh, tulle or tulle will do.
  2. Several hundred safety pins.
  3. Scissors for fabric.
  4. A wide ribbon on which to hold pieces of fabric.

The entire fabric should be cut into identical strips of 10 cm in width. The length of the ribbons of the fabric should be 2 times the length of the table legs. Take a wide ribbon and start attaching strips of cloth to it. At the same time make sure that they are all the same in length. After a few hours of work, you will have a long ribbon with a lush fringe of fine fabric. Tie it to the edges of the table and attach to the tablecloth with pins.

Making wedding decorations for the bride: master class

DIY wedding decoration

Some accessories for women's wedding attire are also easy to do with your own hands. For example, jewelry for hair or garters. Each girl can make an original and beautiful decoration for a hairstyle from feathers, even without having the skills of sewing and making jewelry. For this you will need:

  1. Large and thin white feathers
  2. Beautiful button, rivoli or crystal in the frame, the form does not matter
  3. Thick fabric, a piece of felt best suited for this purpose
  4. Scissors, needle and glue
  5. Threads in the color of feathers and fabrics
  6. Foam rubber or foam
  7. 1 invisible hairpin

Cut out a circle from felt or other dense fabric, attach it to polystyrene or foam rubber for convenience of work with a safety pin. Cut feathers from the bottom, you should have smooth and even hairs. The blanks need to be shaped as triangles with rounded corners. Glue the prepared feathers to the fabric base, and thin feathers on them. As a result, you get a decoration in the form of a flower. Place a button or a crystal in the middle. In order for the hairpin to be attached to the hair, sew an invisible to the seamy side.

How to decorate a bottle of champagne?

DIY wedding decoration

There is a huge variety of design options for festive champagne bottles. Consider the 2 most common. Classic design with beads, ribbons and flowers. You will need the following materials:

  1. 2 bottles of champagne
  2. White spray paint
  3. White paint for glass
  4. Clay crystal moment or super moment
  5. White beads of different sizes
  6. Flowers of small sizes from ribbons, plastic or polymer clay.

It is very important to completely remove labels and traces of glue from champagne bottles. The foil from the neck should also be removed while the covers and wire should remain intact. Do not leave even small pieces of paper on the bottles. Because of them, the paint will not go flat, and the coating will turn out to be ugly.

Then spray the glass with paint. It is best to make 2-3 layers. In this case, the interval between the application of each layer should be several hours.

At a time when the paint will dry, be engaged in the preparation of other decorative elements. Spread out beads and flowers on a napkin. Make a half heart shape out of them.

When the bottles are dry, draw a half-size pencil of the same size as you made from the beads on each of them with a simple pencil.

Now it is very necessary to transfer half of the heart from the napkin to the bottle. You will need a small tweezers and glue. Start at the very bottom of the decor.

When you transfer the entire element, you will need to fill the voids with a white outline. You can draw beautiful and elegant patterns and other elements at will.

As a result, you should have 2 bottles of champagne, each one has half a heart, on the table they will stand together and form a whole heart.

DIY wedding decoration

The champagne bottles decorated in the shape of the bride and groom look original and creative. Making them yourself is easy. You will need the following materials:

  1. A few meters of white satin ribbon with a width of 1-1.5 cm.
  2. Sheer fabric, organza or tulle
  3. Bow
  4. Beads, beads, sequins, etc. Jewelry for the bride's dress to your taste
  5. Black satin ribbon 1-2 cm wide
  6. 4 black buttons.

Start with the bride bottle decor. Take the champagne with white foil on the neck. It is necessary to perform a dress of satin ribbons. To do this, put it on the area where the neck goes into the extended part of the bottle, and braid it obliquely. Make stitches rather small so that the bottle decoration looks gentle and elegant. Weaving need to finish when you get to the bottom, secure the edge of the tape with tape.

To give the skirt pomp use tulle or organza. Lace will do as well. Cut a 30 cm long piece of fabric. Thread one of the edges onto a thread, and then pull it off and attach it to the bottle with glue. You should get a uniform assembly on the dress. Decorate the dress with beads and flowers at your discretion. A necklace made from pearl beads or other jewelry can be put on the bride's neck. Fasten a piece of woven fabric from a thread to the top of the bottle and decorate with beads. Get a veil.

The suit of the groom is done on the same principle. Begin to fix a white ribbon with a pigtail. Make a few stitches and go to black. White will imitate a shirt, and a black jacket. On the left of the jacket you can fasten a buttonhole of small flowers. Wear a black bow tie on the neck from the same satin ribbon. At the top of the bottle fasten a homemade hat cylinder. It is also done quickly and easily. Make a base of cardboard and fasten a black satin ribbon on it. The base of the hat can be beautifully decorated with white ribbon.

DIY wedding decoration

As you see, you can make accessories for a wedding yourself. The main thing is to choose elements that will harmoniously fit into the style of celebration, to find the right combination of colors. In any case, the little things made with their own hands will give the holiday a touch of family warmth and comfort.

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