Wedding contests for guests

A wedding is undoubtedly the most memorable event in the life of every person. Years later, the celebration is remembered not only by the magnificent decoration of the hall, ceremonies and fantastic dishes. The picture is complemented by music, dancing and, of course, wedding contests for guests. Funny and fun games create a unique festive atmosphere.

Games and contests at the wedding: how to organize the action?

Games and contests at the wedding: how to organize

The role of funny contests at a wedding party is hard to overestimate. For the organization of this business for a long time there is a special person - the master of ceremonies. However, today more often relatives and friends of the newlyweds decide to take matters into their own hands.

There is a huge number of funny wedding contests that can be held without a toastmaster. However, when selecting jokes and entertainment, it is important to consider several aspects in order to keep the overall tone of the event at a high level:

  • Of course, it is important to engage all the guests. Therefore, choose the game so that each of those present could take part at least one of them;
  • prepare in advance all necessary requisites, if such is required for your competition;
  • be sure to consider the age of those present, because students and older people have a different understanding of the relevance of what is happening;
  • not bad, if in the finals of your games winners and participants will receive comic rewards. This will not only help to highlight the atmosphere of fun, but also remain a memory of the triumph of your guests;
  • if you hold competitions for a wedding in nature, make sure that guests do not stain their costumes and feel comfortable.

It would be nice if the games correspond to the theme of the event, that is, wedding, family, as well as the theme of the future offspring. Pay attention to the variety of competitions, because the repetition will quickly tire the guests. Fun games with clear, but not vulgar humor will be great to decorate such an important celebration.

Cool wedding contests for guests without a toastmaster

So, you decided to start organizing a holiday on your own, without involving a specially trained clerk. The task is not easy, but feasible in the case of careful and thoughtful preparation. And for this you need to develop a competitive program. If you are betting on the "merriment" of wedding games, then let me offer you interesting options.

Cool wedding contests for guests without a toastmaster

  • “Dress up a doll” is a fun contest for which several dolls, diapers, ribbons and other accessories for babies will be useful to you. Participation in the game can take several pairs, including newlyweds. A man and a woman need to hold hands, and with free hands together swaddle a doll baby. The pair that performed the fastest and high-quality manipulation wins the competition.
  • "Wife ties a tie" - this game is also designed for couples. Standing opposite each other, boys and girls are waiting for the signal. As soon as he sounded, the female half removes ties from her men. The task of the girls is to tie this accessory to the partner as quickly and beautifully as possible. The most skillful of "wives" wins the competition.
  • "Burst Ball" is a crazy game for active guests. The number of participants is not limited, but be careful: the groovy competition can turn into a real battle, soaked in drive and excitement! Dividing the guests into two teams, tie the balloons to their feet. At the signal to the cheerful music, participants must burst the balls of the members of the opposing team. Those who are the first to lose their balls lose.
  • For one more moving and hilarious competition - “Pass the Ball” - you will need small balls. Divide participants into two groups. Guests need to be built in two lines so that the girls alternate with the guys. Hand each line of balls that guests have to hold under the chin. Without helping themselves, guests must pass the ball in the same way to the next person in the line. The winner is the team that first successfully completed the task.
  • One of the easiest, but incredibly fun contests will require your guests to love dancing. For this game, too, will have to stock up on balloons. Each pair of participants relies on one ball, which the contestants must clamp between their bodies. In no case can not help hands! At the same time, the host includes a wide variety of musical passages - from slow dance to tango and rock and roll. The most dexterous dancers who manage to keep the ball safe and sound until the end win the competition.
  • After a physical shake-up, your guests can relax and switch to intellectual games. "The truth about the newlyweds" - this is a kind of test of observation and memory for guests. Questions and answers must be prepared in advance, and the game itself can be carried out right at the table. The presenter offers answers to interesting questions about the bride and groom, and those present must guess. The one who knows the most truthful facts about the newlyweds wins. Questions can be very different - from the innocent "Favorite color of the groom" and "Growth of the bride" - to provocative and even naughty.

Mind games

  • Cool game, which also helps to stretch your brains a little, is called "Songs on the proposed topic." Engage all those present and divide into two halves. The facilitator suggests the theme of the song. Members of each team should sing as many songs on a given topic as possible.
  • An excellent end to the celebration can be the contest "Living Corridor". Not bad, if all the guests of the wedding will take part in it. They need to line up opposite each other in two lines, between which there will be about 3 meters. This action is symbolic in nature, because the bride and groom are invited to bring burning candles through this corridor. All guests must blow strongly on the flame, using only the power of their lungs, but not the arms or legs. Having kept the fire of candles lit, the future spouses will feel how the joint overcoming of difficulties brings together and strengthens the family.

Pick up the most fun wedding contests for guests, make your own script - and play the brightest wedding! The impressions that the newlyweds, their friends and loved ones will receive on this day will remain with them for life. Let them be only positive!

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