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Astrology is an amazing science that is constantly being improved and amazes us with its new discoveries. Often the fair sex pay attention to the character of a man in accordance with his zodiac sign. One of the most mysterious, secretive, mysterious and pedantic is considered to be male Virgo. How to understand that he is in love, and create a long-lasting union with him? We will talk about this today.

Male Virgo: compatibility with other characters

Male Virgo: compatibility with other characters

Sometimes a man's virgin is very difficult to understand, because he is hidden, but at the same time demanding. Virgos are very picky about the appearance of their darling: she must always be neat and look perfect. By virtue of the fact that pedantry is considered one of the character traits of the Virgin, it is precisely this that guides the man in almost all life matters.

Men born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, rarely admit their feelings. Often, it is the woman who needs to take the first step and push the Virgin into reciprocal feelings and candor. Since Virgo belongs to the elements of the Earth, this man will be comfortable in alliance with other earth signs - Capricorn and Taurus.

However, many astrologers, on the basis of long studies and numerological calculations, came to the conclusion that the Virgo man will perfectly fit the character of marriage with representatives of other zodiacal elements. The best partner in marriage for Virgo will be Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces. To become one with your chosen one, a man-Virgin should pay attention to women born under the same zodiac constellation. Such a union will be sensible and prudent. All common forces will be aimed at achieving goals.

Not bad converge men of the Virgin with signs of Fire. Yes, such an alliance, of course, will be passionate, symbolizing the flame of love, and the partners will not have to get bored, since their forces will be constantly directed towards the struggle and manifestation of their significance.

How to understand that he likes me?

Man Virgo: how to understand that he likes me?

Many women of the beautiful half of humanity are puzzled by such a question, since you won’t wait for sincerity from the man of the Virgin. Even the strongest feelings he will hide, so as not to look weak or stupid. Representatives of this sign are very afraid of losing their true face or showing weakness even in relations with the second half.

Nature is so laid down that Virgos always seem prudent and cold-blooded. In some cases, such traits of character only fit the man’s hand, as he gives the impression of a reliable and practical person. He behaves the same way as the male Capricorn in love.

As has been said many times, men born under the sign of Virgo are very secretive and pedantic, so many women may not immediately feel his sympathy and disposition to communicate. So, to understand that you like a man Virgo, you need to carefully observe his behavior and actions. And even if your man is laconic, his actions will tell everything for themselves:

  • The Virgo man always says the truth, while he confesses himself to the crime, and you do not need to get the information you are interested in. Frank talk and recognition may mean that your elect has ardent feelings.
  • Constant self-promotion, of course, not around the clock. A man, Virgo, wants to show his lover how good he is. He can brag all the time, talk about his bold and generous actions, characterize himself only with the best hand.
  • Begs for praise. Maintaining the level of self-esteem is very important for Virgos, especially if you constantly tell him how beautiful and intelligent he is.
  • If a Virgo man is passionate, then his feelings can be determined by his eyes: looking at the object of his desire, they, like sparkles, ignite.
  • A Virgo man is in love if he spends most of his free time with you, but at the same time he does not allow you to get close to his space. He has friends with whom he reluctantly introduces you. Once in such a company, the Virgo man will behave as if you barely know each other or just friends.
  • If a man Virgo is really in love with his companion, he will listen to her advice, perhaps even take all the words literally.

What should be avoided in a relationship with a man, the Virgin?

To understand a man born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, you need to know what kind of girls he still likes. If you have important traits for him, then this man, even the most inveterate bachelor, will certainly be at your feet. So, according to the man of the Virgin, the ideal girl should be:

  • Clever, but in no case smarter than him, otherwise it could lead to a break in relations.
  • Beautiful and well-groomed, and at any time of the day.
  • Independent, just not too independent. Independence is more concerned with the financial side, but too much autonomy to anything, it should be the main thing in the union.
  • Economic. The chosen one of the man of Virgo should cook well, and each time surprise him with her culinary abilities. In addition, your family nest should shine with purity and freshness, do not forget that the representatives of this earthly sign are very pedantic.

What should be avoided in the relationship with the Virgin?

If you want to create a strong and durable union with a man, the Virgin, then you should be ready for long and hard work. Since this sign of interest is very difficult, be prepared for the fact that you have to build a tactical plan for their behavior.

Never try to take a man by pressure. Virgo man - this is not a fortress, and arrogance, as well as excessive assertiveness here to anything. But prudence and composure is welcome. A man Virgo will be interested in a woman who loves herself, but is not averse to giving her warmly to a chosen one. So that the man Virgo was sure that you are the only one he had been looking for for so long, try to share his interests and care with him. Believe me, a delicious soup at lunchtime and treating him for a cold will be appreciated by such a man.

Men born under the zodiac constellation Virgo are considered to be very complex, but at the same time practical and flexible. If such a man is really in love with his chosen one, then you can expect from him a full return and decisive action. Otherwise, he will not succumb to any temptations. Observe your chosen one, you may not need to study horoscopes and astrological advice, you just need to look into the eyes of your man.

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