Valentine's day

Already long before the Valentine's Day, couples start to think about how you can please your loved one and how to spend the holiday so that he will remember. If you are tired of celebrating holidays in a standard way, then I offer you fresh ideas for holding a holiday.

history of the holiday

Every year on February 14, lovers all over the world give a friend gifts and make surprises. And the reason for this is a beautiful holiday - Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day

But who was this mysterious Valentine and why was the holiday named after him? An old legend says that Valentine was a priest in the 3rd century Roman Empire. At that time, the rules were made by Emperor Claudius the second, who thought that single men would be better soldiers, since nothing would distract them in the service, unlike men bound by marriage. Therefore, Claudius issued a decree banning the marriage of young people who had not yet served in the army. Valentine did not agree with such a decree and secretly married couples in marriage. Claudius, having learned about it, ordered the execution of a priest.

Another story says that Valentine was convicted for helping Christians escape from a Roman prison, where they were subjected to inhuman torture and punishment.

According to another legend, Valentine is the first person to send a valentine as a greeting. Valentine was in prison when he fell in love with a beautiful young girl who was rumored to be the daughter of a prison warden and was visiting him during her arrest. Shortly before his death, he sent her a letter, signing it “From your Valentine” - this expression is used now. After many years it is difficult to find out which particular legend is true, since there are few facts and in those times a lot was exaggerated in stories. But what really is true is that in the Middle Ages Valentine was the most famous saint in France and England.

Among pagans, this day is celebrated in honor of the god Valentine - the god of rebirth and fertility. Also on this day the memory of the dead ancestors is honored. As a Valentine's Day holiday has been registered for more than a dozen centuries, similar holidays of Love have existed since the appearance of paganism. The Feast of Love was celebrated in the latest frosts, like the victory of the bright Sun over the dark winter. The celebration consisted in a family feast, the exchange of gifts and declarations of love. Also this day was favorable for weddings and weddings.

Today there is a tradition on Valentine's Day to exchange valentines and declare love, and this can even be done anonymously.

How to surprise your soul mate?

How to surprise your soul mate?

Already long before the Valentine's Day, couples start to think about how you can please your loved one and how to spend the holiday so that he will remember. If you are tired of celebrating holidays in a standard way, then I offer you fresh ideas for holding a holiday. Here are a few options:

  1. Active joint rest. If you and your half love active sports, movement, adrenaline, then you can safely go skating, skiing, jumping from a parachute or you can ride horses. You will definitely remember such a date for a long time!
  2. Cook a romantic dinner together. Surely you have already eaten a hundred times or dined in restaurants, and the whole situation is fed up with you, then get ready to cook dinner together. You can pre-compile and harmonize the menu, then arm yourself with a cookbook, an apron, and head to the kitchen! And don't forget to put candles and a bottle of good wine on the table at the end.
  3. A joint walk through the parks or beautiful places. In good weather, it's time to get out on a tour of your city, or to visit places with which your shared memories are connected - this could be your first kiss or first date. Such walks only refresh feelings. Or maybe you have long wanted to visit together an exhibition, a museum, but all were postponed due to lack of time? Valentine's Day is an excellent occasion to visit such places, you can also look into the theater for the premiere of the play.
  4. Watching a good movie for a delicious dinner. Perhaps trite, but it is really romantic and anyone will like this evening. You can still come up with a lot of options: go together to a concert, in an auto cinema, in a cafe or at a disco. It is not so important to choose something special, the main thing is to express your love to your partner, and devote all day to strengthening your feelings.

Mini ideas

How to surprise your soul mate?

  1. Bring your loved breakfast in bed, carefully cooked with your own hands.
  2. For lunch, prepare his favorite dish or pre-book a table in a restaurant.
  3. Send him to work Valentine with a declaration of love or a bouquet, just make sure that the flower arrangement was chosen specifically for men. If you find it difficult to choose a bouquet, ask for advice from the seller of a flower shop.
  4. Give your man congratulations on the radio and ask him to put his favorite song.
  5. While he is sleeping, hang out one or several posters with congratulations at home and be sure to write the main words about how much you love him.
  6. With a lipstick or toothpaste, draw a heart on the mirror and three words: "I love you." Trifle, but after that your favorite mood will definitely improve in the morning!

All these ideas are only a small part of what close people can please each other! You yourself probably know best what your loved one will be most happy about. I wish you a lot of happiness and love on this wonderful day, and of course celebrate it to glory.

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