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Unmarried girls over 27 years old - is it all so bad

The SK-II cosmetics brand has decided to destroy Chinese stereotypes that unmarried girls over the age of 27+ are "unclaimed women," as they are called "Sheng Nu" in Chinese. Girls over 27 years old who have not yet married can be happy, successful, and self-sufficient, despite public pressure and prejudice.

But despite this, the parents of such girls even go to desperate measures, placing the specialized profiles of their daughters in the market of brides in the hope of finding a decent couple. A similar tradition exists in China for more than a decade and is considered quite reasonable. But the world as a whole and China in particular are changing so rapidly that many girls, contrary to the opinion and influence of their parents, are not ready for marriage at the choice of their parents. After all, building happy family relationships in the modern world is almost impossible without love, mutual respect and trust.

In a special video, shot with the support of SK-II, famous and successful women of 30+ years tell about their success stories and support Chinese girls, despite the fact that they have not yet got married. In the action #changedestiny, a whole group of girls who disagreed with the Chinese traditions decided to place their unusual questionnaires on the brides and grooms market. The questionnaires contained their real statements, why they are not ready and do not agree to marry under duress, because even without marriage they are able to achieve different heights in life, build their careers and be "strong women", and for marriage just until their time . Such an action from the brand SK-II has made a real "revolution" in the market for brides and grooms, in every way supporting the fair sex and destroying existing obsolete stereotypes about "unclaimed women."

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