Treason men - woman is to blame

"Levak strengthens marriage" - the expression with which men who have broken their marital bonds encourage themselves (of course, if they are tormented by conscience). And because of what, in fact, is this happening? And is it worth suffering to suffer?

Consider a number of reasons leading to treason:

  • Married without love. That's how it happens - friends and two girlfriends met for the company. One couple decided to get married, and, somehow, one after the other, “one for all,” they marched off two weddings at once. And then life showed bright feelings for another. Or did it come to the realization that she is not an ideal, but a family, and children, to start all over again? No, it's better, sometimes to linger with a work colleague, the secretary of the chief, go "for tea" to the girlfriend of his wife, a neighbor or just turn on the "left turn" and go to the circuit ...
  • Accidentally, drunk. Yes, who does not happen? After a stormy corporate party, a decent family man wakes up in the arms of either an unfamiliar beauty, or a well-known boss, the memory "refused" somewhere in the middle of the feast, and the fact of betrayal, as they say - on the face. How to look his wife in the eye? However, he invited her with him - she didn’t go, she never called for an evening, so why is she in a hurry if she’s not interested in his fate at all?
  • The wife does not provide proper attention, does not satisfy in bed. Temperaments are different, he is ready every day to "pour out" his love and tenderness, and she wants a maximum of once a week, and even then "for show". A woman locked herself in her world, devotes herself to work, children, home, there is not enough time for that one thing. What remains to do to a healthy, sexually mature middle-aged man, how not to take the decision of this problem into our own hands? And the heroes of our time go in search of those who understand, appreciate, but do not tell, because at home the wife, you know, my love, you need to feel sorry for her, she is so busy ...
  • The wife does not share her husband's sexual fantasies. Scientific fact: men are more than women, like to watch porn. Thus, the outlook of sexual desires expands. Women, on the whole, are more conservative in this matter.

"Phew !!!", "Turn it off!", "How can I watch it?", "Do you like IT?" - an approximate list of phrases when viewing together. And then she is offended and falls asleep, turning away, and he goes through the names, passwords, passwords of those who would share his addictions. Dear women, in the twenty-first century, be more relaxed with your husbands and there will be much less stupid thoughts in his head.

  • Pregnancy and postpartum depression. Since ancient times, it has been the custom that the main cause of this “affliction” is man. However, a combination of several causes leads the strong sex to weakness. Hormonal drops, taking care of yourself and the unborn child, lack of physical craving for her husband, push him into a vortex of depravity.

A loving man can suffer for a year or two, wait until everything is normalized. But after a few years, when the hormones had to calm down, and the wife - to return to her husband, it does not always work out the way you want. Quite often, women are fixated on the child and think that once they have endured, then they will continue to do so before. But everything has its limit ...

  • Desire to assert itself and prove to yourself that you are still oho-ho. A married man is a family - children, hamsters, a full bowl house. But the constant jokes of his wife, the power in her hands, bald head, beer belly and a lump of duties on her shoulders are very strongly pressed to the ground.

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Does anyone need this? Yes I need it. It's time to "light up", have an affair somewhere on vacation or just walk through the low places, visit old friends. The man rises very high self-esteem, if a young girl reacts to his advances. Not for nothing they say "gray hair beard - a devil in the rib."

Dear women, do not get tired of being beautiful, share his "base" interests with a man and he will start to understand yours better. Try to be at the same time mother, mistress, mistress and wife - you don’t feel like changing this “cocktail” at all!

Especially for - Katerina

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