Tin wedding

Tin wedding - this is the first round anniversary in the life of spouses. It means that as many as 10 years have passed since the day when 2 loving hearts legalized their relationship. Such a long period deserves respect, and of course, it is worth it, if there is an opportunity, to celebrate with your family and friends, sharing with them your happiness. Sometimes a tin wedding is called pink or amber. The symbols of this day are tin and rose, hence the names of such celebrations.

Tin wedding: we keep traditions

Tin is a very flexible and soft metal, symbolizing the relationship of spouses (by this time they should already learn to understand each other and give in when necessary). The rose is a flower of lovers, a symbol of passion, adoration and worship of beauty. Thus, a pink or tin wedding symbolizes the flexibility of relations between spouses, the passion of their feelings, love and tenderness.

Tin wedding: how old is it?

In antiquity, there were a large number of customs that spouses adhered to on this day. One of the most famous was the tradition observed in Russia. On this day, my husband had to walk all day with a tin spoon in his pocket. He could only lay it out at night and under the pillow of his wife. It was believed that this ritual would make family life more prosperous and happy.

Earlier on the day of the tin anniversary a wreath of roses was hung in front of the house. It was believed that he defended the house from its spirits with its thorns. The wreath was left until it was dry, then cleaned in a barn and kept there until next summer.

Celebrated the tin wedding in a big way. Spouses staged a real feast, inviting almost everyone who was at the wedding (mandatory guests were witnesses and relatives). In modern life, the 10th anniversary of the wedding is also customary to walk in a big company (although many spouses prefer to retire).

Mandatory attributes on the table should be compositions of flowers and chocolates, in particular, of roses and chocolate. A traditional dish on this day was a bird in pink sauce, as well as red wine. In addition, the presence of salmon fish appetizers (salmon, trout, chum salmon, rasp, humpback salmon, etc.) is welcome, because their red flesh is peculiar symbol of a pink wedding.

The most pleasant tradition of a tin (pink) wedding is waiting for a married couple in the evening. On this day, it is customary to sleep on clean pink (red) bedding, and the bed and floor are covered with rose petals.

The main tradition on this day is for the spouses to remember the pleasant moments spent together and appreciate each other even more, in order to go on living together and carry their bright feelings.

The main theme of the table talk are the memories of the wedding. Also in the process of celebrating the 10th anniversary, a lot of dancing was taken. Husband and wife this evening should cut the red ribbon in half and tie its halves to each other on the wrists. It is believed that after such a rite their next ten years, they will live "in perfect harmony."

On the day of the pink (tin) wedding, spouses can exchange tin rings. To keep the memory for life, you can engrave them, for example, write an oath of marital fidelity, a declaration of love on the inner side of the ring, or just a tin anniversary date.

What to give to the celebration?

Tin Wedding: how old is it?

  • Gifts for tin (pink) wedding can be very diverse. But according to tradition, the most popular are still roses. The husband should give his wife 10 pink (red) roses, complementing the composition with one white, which would be the personification of hope for a long and happy future life. The wife should give her husband a butterfly made with her own hands. It was believed that the butterfly holds the man in the house.
  • It is quite possible to give your beloved wife a mobile phone, laptop, MP3 player, tablet computer, e-book or a pink USB flash drive for a 10-year wedding anniversary. Any modern woman will appreciate this “glamorous” technique.
  • In general, gifts that spouses give to each other on the 10th anniversary of the wedding should be pink, red, or their shades. These colors symbolize the eternal love and not fading passion between husband and wife. In addition, the spouse can exchange valuable gifts. A good choice would be jewelry. For this case, perfect earrings, rings or pendants with pink stones or pink gold.
  • As a playful, but very pleasant gift, a wife can hand a husband a set of tin soldiers, models of small arms or knives from this symbolic metal. Fans of board games will appreciate tin chess, and beer lovers will gladly donate a tin mug of beer. From inexpensive gifts, you can look at key rings, lighters, cigarette cases or small figures made of tin.
  • Guests can present a set of pink silk bedding, unusual tin medals, figurines and other decor items, jewelry boxes, an unusual picture or cartoon to the couple, as well as pewter or cutlery.
  • For not too superstitious couples, a wall or table clock with an interesting ornament or roses suitable for the holiday date tones will be a good gift. On the watch you can make an engraving or an inscription-greeting.

In general, gifts for a pink wedding should be beautiful, because they are like a parallel to your relationship. On this anniversary, not everyday moments of family life are exalted, but beauty and sincerity, because after 10 years the marriage bond is considered to be unbreakable.

Tin wedding: how old is it?

Original poems greetings

You have been together for 10 years, friends!

No pair, better than you in the world!

Always beautiful and slim,

You are like a family - an example for us,

We want guys to wish,

That, you, did not know afflictions!

Live happily friends!

Each other, you always love!

Support and worship!

Pink Wedding Petals

Sleep your marriage, as in a dream!

10 years have passed, and you are all the same!

The same feelings, the same passion

Passion so that your not faded away

And love so as not to cool down,

You add oil to the fire,

So that your union renew.

There were rainbows of course

Stars, thunderstorms and frost,

And today is a heart day:

Feast of lovely scarlet roses,

10 years have passed, as in the song.

Congratulations with all my heart!

And we wish only together

Live you in great joy!

Ten years already you together

All divided in half.

And now, the bride and groom,

We wish you happiness.

There were quarrels and tribulations

Happiness came back,

We wish you through the years

Carry your love.

Let love warm you in cold

And protect you from harm.

And live as well

How you lived for ten years!

Your senses checked the years

There were luck, there were hardships,

The wedding name is tin in the people,

The decade of the family is running out.

We wish you love and health,

In order not to quarrel mother-in-law with her mother in law,

Children for joy let you grow up,

And all the problems fly away.

Tin (pink) wedding is a happy event in the life of every family. It is believed that having crossed the 10-year mark of marriage, the marriage will never fall apart. In accordance with the name, the symbols of the 10th anniversary of the wedding are rose and tin and, of course, everything associated with them. Give each other gifts, love each other and be happy in marriage!

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