Tiaras for the bride

It is difficult to even imagine, but many years ago the tiara was not a female adornment at all, but a man’s one, and it was worn as a crown. In fact, the crown and the diadem are two identical things, except that the priests in Ancient Rome were worn by the diadem, the rulers in Asia, and the Jewish priests. And the word "diadem" originated in ancient Greece, where the bandages of the priests of ancient Greece were called so.

Tiaras were an ornament on the heads of many ancient Greek gods, most often it could be seen on the goddess Hera. She was often represented in long white clothes with a diadem or a wreath on her head, which looked very regal. Hera patronized marriage and women's happiness, and perhaps it was because of this that the bride’s tradition of wearing tiaras on her wedding day began., since Greek mythology had a strong influence on our culture and traditions. In ancient Rome, the diadem was a symbol of high class, elitism and power, only men wore it. Often the tiara was decorated with expensive ornaments. But if we talk about today, the diadem is used as a detail in the rite of marriage.

Slavic peoples have long used wreaths of laurel, hop and wild grapes to the wedding ceremony. And later in the Orthodox churches began to decorate the head of the newlyweds with metal diadems with precious stones. Gradually, the traditional costume and wreath of the bride began to be supplanted by a white wedding dress and tiara. The custom of laying a tiara on the head during the marriage was borrowed from Venice in the 5th century.

Assortment tiaras for brides

What are the most popular tiaras for brides?If you have the financial capabilities, you can buy diadems with stones and precious metals, but artificial diadems can look no less beautiful.

Diadems are available in various forms - these are diadems in the form of a rim, in the form of a crown and a floor of a crown, a crest, a thin hoop or a crown with natural or artificial stones. The styles used in the manufacture of tiaras are mainly borrowed from past eras - the Empire style, butterflies and feathers, and Baroque patterns.

A tiara can be worn with equal confidence by girls with both long and short hair, as the tiara will in any case give your image sophistication and grace.

Now the choice of tiaras is very huge and everything here depends only on your desire and material capabilities. There are very bright and majestic tiaras, decorated with lots of stones, but you can restrict yourself to a modest and simple, but no less beautiful tiara.

When choosing a tiara for the bride, it is important to pay attention to how it goes with the wedding dress, although almost all tiaras are combined with many dresses, but if your wedding dress is decorated with stones, then they should be combined with stones on the tiara.

Another important requirement when choosing a wedding tiara is that it should fit perfectly on the head, not fall down and not crawl to one side, at the same time not be very close and sit at ease, because during the wedding the bride will have to go through many moments when the tiara can lose Resilience, for example with fiery wedding dances.

Feel yourself a tiara on your wedding day a real princess, and others will only admire your beauty and grace!

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