There is no serious relationship. how to be

If a woman doesn’t have a relationship for a long time, then she begins to look for the cause in herself, but after futile attempts she cannot figure it out. Psychologists insist that everyone here is just such women unwillingly, subconsciously choose such people as partners who run away from relationships and as a result they get a lengthy process without a final.

Mostly women who do not have a personal life, choose their chosen ones:

- married men who are not going to divorce

- men for whom freedom is important, and the family is not a priority in life

Moreover, in reality, she can assert that she wants a relationship, but her unconscious will desperately avoid it. For such avoidance when striving for relationships, psychiatrists trace some past trauma or offense that is so firmly entrenched in the head that it becomes a barrier for a person. Self-analysis or a session with a psychologist will help identify the cause of the conflict between what you want and what you have today, find this cause and work it out, fix the injury, and remove the barriers that you faced in your personal life. And only having worked through this problem, your desire power of the relationship will grow over the power of opposition and avoidance of suitable people, a partner will appear in your life who will be motivated for the relationship.

There is still such an option, a strong woman without a relationship. Who is such a strong woman? This is a woman who knows how to act in a given situation, solve all problems on her own, experience difficulties and move forward with her head held high. She is likely to be successful in career and in life, but in personal relationships, as often happens, no. And the lack of privacy can inhibit development in other areas, and daily oppress a woman.

So why do strong women not develop a personal life?

Such women, in principle, always have enough fans, but for some reason they don’t pull them, they don’t ... But they don’t, for one simple reason, confident strong women attract weak men. Opposites after all often attract, and in this case it is true. Women expect decisive actions from men, active actions, but weak men cannot give them that because of their nature. Also, strong women are attracted by ambitious men who constantly work on themselves, and weak men are not capable of such.

Any woman is waiting for a strong man, but strong men are drawn to weak women, otherwise, if a woman can do everything without a man, then why is he in her life, so he intuitively thinks, that is what makes disharmony happen.

What to do in this situation?

The ideal option is to find such a partner who would be revealed together with you as a person, striving for improvement. A strong woman is committed to development in all areas of life, and she would be approached by a man with whom they could grow together.

A good option, a man working in a similar field. Similar interests and the ability to conduct a general conversation, this is what a strong woman needs. She will also be approached by a well-developed man who is keen on many and can support any conversation.

But this is not the best option for such a woman is a strong man, even though she is drawn to this. Maybe at the beginning of a relationship, he will endure everything and agree with everything, but in the end he will act in his own way, which of course will not appeal to a strong woman.

So if you do not develop a personal life, do not rush to put a cross on yourself or go to a monastery. There is a reason for everything, the main thing is just to find it and figure it out.

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