The secret of love and happy relationships


Secretperfect relationshiprevealed in the Bible. Then they already determined the true value of true happy love. The Bible says:"Love is patient, merciful, love is not jealous, love is not exalted, not proud, does not rage, does not seek its own, is not irritated, does not think evil, does not rejoice in untruth, and rejoices in the truth; covers everything, believes everything, hopes everything, transfers everything ". (First Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians). Consider these words. Perhaps, thanks to them, you will be able to review your relationship, find out what is wrong with you and how to deal with it, how to fix it. Indeed, often, we cannot find a solution, because we do not know the essence of the problem itself and the reasons that led to it.

Relationship fatigue and love

Think like you without your half,if it seems to you once that you are tired and you do not need anyone. Sometimes there is a sudden desire to be alone with yourself. In such cases, even the closest people are beginning to annoy, it seems to you that there are too many of them around you. Remember that relationships with your loved ones are not spoiled, you must behave so that these people feel your support in any situation, they know that you need them. For this during your irritability and craving for loneliness try to control yourself, do not talk too much, but try to devote time to people.

If it is absolutely unbearable, think how you can be alone. Take a vacation, take a trip out of town, enjoy nature, sit by the window and think about how well you are alone. Remember the good moments of your life associated with the person you are supposedly tired of. Perhaps it is in these seconds that you realize that you are bored, and this irritability was only a temporary phenomenon. All the problems simply came over at once: lack of understanding of the authorities, difficulties with colleagues, and health fails. And at this moment you will realize that you need this person, that only he can listen to you and help, just support.

So that you do not want to break into others, remember: never keep everything to yourself, especially negative emotions. There must be some person with whom you can share: a friend, a friend, a mother ... If you find it difficult to tell people everything, get yourself a notebook where you can write all your thoughts in writing. Man need sure to communicate with someone "heart to heart", otherwise, all his experiences will simply overwhelm him and result in his irritability and vision of the world in black and gray.

Addiction or love?

To answer this question you just have to put a lot of effort into it. Sometimes people understand that they were dependent on a person only after all relations with him were already broken, bridges were burned. But it is even more difficult to reveal the very love that was described so well in the Bible. The one who never envies endures for a long time and knows no evil. But this feeling is called love. It is pure, sincere, not involving mutual benefit. When you love, you just feel happy with your loved one.

There are examples when people, being addicted and thinking that they love, passed by true love, which could seem to them a simple friendship. Remember: if there are two people near you, but one gives you unpleasant feelings, grief, disappointment, and you have already forgotten when you felt joy (but you, of course, love him); the other is just like the light at the end of the tunnel for you: next to him you smile, feel boundless happiness and hardly part with it, knowing that now you will come to your “beloved” and again get some unpleasant emotions, you should think which of them do you still love and with whom you want to be.

Much better time to get rid of oppressive relationships and live happily, spending time with a person who is really pleasant than to suffer for a very long time.

In fact, There is no universal secret of harmonious and happy relationships.. All people are different, everyone needs their own special approach. You just need to try to be kinder, but do not forget about their needs and requirements. Harmony in your relationship you are able to create on your own. Dare, go ahead and do not let go of your happiness!

Especially for Marie Matveyuk