The qualities of a real man

All women of the planet dream about him ... But not everyone can meet him. Endangered species, a rarity ... A gift of fate, if you managed to meet him. All this is about him - about the real man.

Of course, every woman has her own ideal, that is, the image of a real man for all women is different. But still there are several qualities, about the presence of which in a man, absolutely all ladies dream.

Man and boy

In order to avoid another disappointment in the opposite field, do not confuse the concepts of "man" and "boy." That is, one should not expect a man’s actions from a boy ... deeds - the main, most important feature of a real man. He said - he did, whatever it cost him. I think it makes no sense to talk about this in more detail; everyone understands what these men's actions are. These are not stars from the sky, not mountains of gold, but the fulfillment of promises, overstepping in some moments, the right reaction in any informal situations.

Patty without filling

External masculinity - muscles, high growth - at first glance it seems that these are inherent qualities of a Real man ... Oh, madam, how often do we confuse a Man with a male ... Handsome, brutal, sexy ... Everything is good, but more often it turns out that under the attractive wrapper there is a despicable soul. Cowardly, or on the contrary - cocky. Often, such individuals are notorious, which subsequently results in assault, raising a hand on a woman. Genuine masculinity is inside. it mind, strength of character, reliability. With a real man should want to live, not night ...

This man can be seen immediately

The beginnings of the Present in boys can be observed in childhood. Yes, yes, when the baby helps to carry the briefcase to the girl she likes, when she helps the teacher to bring a pile of notebooks to the class, when she gives women a seat on the bus and so on - this is Men's actions that grandmothers at the entrance call "gentlemen". This is not yet Deeds, but already a hint of them. But you must admit, this kind of "gentlemanly" behavior is very lacking for most adult men. BUT following the basic rules of almost everyday etiquettenecessary.

Real man in everyday life

By the way, about life. I think that no one will argue with the fact that a man with a capital letter will never allow a woman to perform male duties at home. No matter how busy a husband is, hammering in nails, repairing electrical appliances, repairing, even rolling cans, and much more - these are purely his duties. And nothing can justify their failure. And the main male duty is making money enough to support the whole family. Ideally, a man should earn so much that a woman could work "for the soul" and not "for food."

What should be a real man?

Summarize the basic qualities that an ideal (or Real) man should possess.

  • First, he must be able do serious things. In work, in family life, and indeed in general always. A man must be a man of word and deed.
  • Secondly, mind. It just keeps everything. Stupid man can hardly claim to be the ideal.
  • Thirdly, strong character, reliability. A woman should feel like a man behind a stone wall, and not like a drywall partition. She must be firmly convinced that he will certainly find a way out of any difficult situation, will not be afraid and will not surrender.
  • Fourth, the Present must bea gentleman and behave properly with familiar and unfamiliar ladies.
  • Fifth, do not shirk their household duties husband, father and breadwinner.
  • Last but not least, A real man should never allow his woman to doubt his feelings for her. No matter how he shows them, it is important that she does not doubt them.

Impossible is possible!

Dear women, look, wait, and better create your ideal man yourself! Act! As is known, a drop wears away a stone, and under a still one - water does not flow.

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