The princes of the frogs - the miracle of a pickup truck

Pickup (from the English "pick-up" - to meet, cling) - quite a common phenomenon in our day. I would not like to evaluate it from the “good-bad” position. Firstly, young people turn to him with conception with some problems in terms of communication with the opposite sex. Agree, it’s a pity, even if they are comforted by a pick-up. Secondly, there are a sufficient number of women who are interested in fleeting relationships without far-reaching consequences. Therefore, no matter how many pickup artists would boast of their victories at or, there is still a big question who won and who won. I remember one hot argument on some forum. Its essence was as follows: the young man claimed that a pick-up truck gives a man the opportunity to feel valued, in demand, etc., and about a dozen girls strongly opposed this to him. The most compelling argument in a dispute on the part of women was that even if a man reaches his goal (namely, sex) by means of a pickup, this does not at all mean that he was appreciated. Just worked someone else's installation, for which the man as such went almost unnoticed. Most women who have experienced the equipment of the pick up artist still have a feeling of disappointment, bewilderment, and sometimes resentment. And what remains for a man, in addition to a sense of false vanity? Thus, the fad of a pickup truck only complicated the sometimes uneasy gender relations. After all, even having mastered the theory and practice of a pickup truck, a man does not get rid of his complexes and problems, but simply “hides” them.

Why make something complicated that easy?

From Don Juan in the classical understanding of modern pick upers, cynicism in the approach to seduction is different. There is a special glossary of terms according to which a girl is called OGP (female), and only her external data are evaluated from the point of view of sexual attractiveness. One of the leading principles of the technique of seduction is the minimization of financial investments. Those. pikaper first estimates the probability of possible sexual contact, and only then decides on a brave step - to buy a girl ice cream. But in general - it is force majeure, because the main principle of the pickup is not to pay for a lady. Here, apparently, the primitive male fear of getting a “dynamo” with “promotion to loot” is having an effect. The pick-up artist has a spare option for this - buying everything in large quantities, for example, instead of a cup of coffee - a whole pot of coffee, instead of a portion of ice cream - a bucket, etc., in the hope that the girl will be frightened and fall behind. Funny is not it?

Recognize and neutralize

In the course of a pickup truck, the price of which, by the way, sometimes reaches $ 4,000, they teach several classic techniques or “removal models”, which are not difficult to recognize.

Option One or "trehsvidanka" is as follows. The guy meets a girl, and, uses some non-standard question to start a conversation. During communication, she tries as often as possible to “cast hers on” - touch the interlocutor, use “Neghits” (veiled insults, the purpose of which is to lower the girl’s self-esteem, for example, “Your lipstick has smeared,” “You look amazing… Back”, “Cool perfume - just like my grandmother "or something like that). In whatever way the first acquaintance developed, the aim of the pick-up artist is to get the girl's phone number. The call, as a rule, will be in about five days - it is assumed that the girl is confused and suffers from the guesses “she calls — she doesn’t call” all this time. Then a date is appointed, at which the pikaper will try with all his might to demonstrate that he is “not like everyone else,” all his efforts will be directed to make the girl feel that she has met a “soul mate”. This is facilitated by rather simple (if not to say primitive) techniques with elements of hypnosis, NLP, etc. On the third date, the so-called "roach" is organized. Pikaper takes the girl to some unusual place where an atmosphere of adventure and romance is created. The third date is planned as the final decisive blow to the defense system of the girl, after which "his majesty's sex" comes.

Second option- aerobatics pickup or "fast" (ie, sex immediately after meeting). The most convenient place for this is a nightclub, the girl should preferably be sober. An aggressive pickup tactic is used, excessive kinesic, Neghit and other techniques are used. Pikaper in this case resembles a fly, which beats on the glass in the hope of getting to the window.

Let's summarize typical pickup techniques:

  1. Non-standard start dating. Ridiculous questions and phrases that are likely to be homemade stuff.
  2. Constant touch during intercourse: then straighten hair, then touch hands, etc.
  3. Disappearance for some time immediately after the victim's phone number was received.
  4. Simulation of various non-standard situations on a date, which should provide "kryshesnos".
  5. Persistent pushing for "spontaneous sex" on a third date.
  6. Abundant citations, aspirations to demonstrate intelligence and exclusivity.
  7. Using the simplest techniques of hypnosis or NLP. Here is an example that, for all its absurdity, works great. Two indisputable judgments are voiced, with which one cannot but agree, and then something controversial is said, but in the wake of the previous agreement a prerequisite is formed for a positive assimilation of this information. For example: "The grass is green, the trees are tall, and I am your great love."

In the end, I would like to say that the pick up artists disappear, if after the third date they have not achieved their goal. Therefore, do not rush to transfer the relationship to the horizontal plane - this will only benefit your relationship with a normal person, and a pikaper will scare him 100%. Try not to be led by a young man: choose the time and place of the meeting yourself, make maximum efforts to learn as much as possible about him, because men, as a rule, like to talk about their hobbies, life achievements, etc. While pick-upers strive to hang noodles on their ears on abstract topics and in every possible way avoid giving out information about themselves. An excellent test is to start a conversation about a pickup, and using terms with errors (for example, instead of OZHP say LE, etc.), the person who does this will have an involuntary desire to correct you.

Especially for - Olga Farusy

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