The oath of the bride and groom

Wedding preparation is a laborious and responsible process. It is necessary to think through every detail to make this day perfect and the happiest in life. Now ordinary classic weddings are no longer popular. Newlyweds want to make their holiday original and memorable. One of the new "lotions" for the celebration was oath of the bride and groom.

The Tradition of the Wedding Vow

In the wedding ceremonies of every country in the world, it is customary to give each other promises of love and loyalty, which are called the wedding oath. However, Russia in this regard is different from all others. In our country, oaths are not part of the classic marriage process. The thing is that since ancient times in Russia, explanations of love, oaths and promises were considered to be a personal matter of the newlyweds, and not the property of the whole people. Denies the possibility of pronouncing the oaths during the wedding and the Orthodox Church. This is due to the fact that the Scripture says "Do not swear!". But the adherents of the Catholic faith have a certain pattern, according to which the newlyweds say each other their vows. In Hinduism, the vow of marriage is a whole ritual of "seven steps - seven vows"; among Muslims, the words of a vow are given in the imam.

However, if you really really want to give each other promises during the ceremony, then you can safely play a wedding somewhere abroad. There you can do what your heart desires. Only here, such a marriage will not have legal force.

Rules and ideas for wedding vows

To make your promises beautiful, inspiring and spectacular, you must try to make them so. To do this, follow a few fairly simple rules.

  • It is better to invent the words of the oath personally. Now there are many agencies that are ready to write for you and your beloved a stunning, stunningly beautiful oaths for a certain amount. However, which of them knows your future spouse better than you? You have been acquainted for many years, you have common interests, some personal highlights. Can a stranger reveal your thoughts and feelings to your spouse to the fullest?
  • It is not necessary to utter oaths. They can, for example, sing. Only here, this idea can be carried out in the presence of hearing and voice. Otherwise, your efforts will become unaesthetic, and will look ridiculous. And you definitely wouldn't want such a development.
  • Make a symbol of your oath. Let it be some little thing that you do with your own hands. This thing will delight you and cheer you up when you are separated from your beloved, and besides, it will remind you of the promises you made to your spouse. If you do not know what you can make yourself, use the ready-made fancy souvenirs. Only, they must certainly be associated with your wedding, oath, loyalty and love.

  • A very interesting and unusual decision will be your own family flag. Now they can be made to order. If you yourself know how to sew, then make it at home according to your own project. Analyze the meaning of the colors and choose the ones that suit your family. This version of the symbolization of the oath will make your ritual more vivid and solemn, will give seriousness and globality.
  • The oath written by you on balloons and released into heaven will look very romantic and symbolic. There is some special tenderness and attractiveness in this gesture. In addition, your confessions and promises to each other will reach to the sky. After all, marriages are made in heaven.

Whatever scenario you choose for your vows, let it be words coming straight from your heart. These are the words that will make your spouse happy forever.

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