The long-awaited first date

In anticipation of the long-awaited first date with the object of adoration, a huge heap of problems falls on our women's heads ... what to wear, what hairstyle to do, what to talk about, how to behave ... Well, just Apocalypse! Although it is a pocket format, it’s still scary! The problem seems to be weighty, but it is only at first glance. If you follow some simple rules, then the date will be great, you will be at your best, and he will be at your feet!

Let's call them a joke "Rules of conducting the first date".

So, the first and most important rule: remember and never forget that a date with a pleasant person (the first or the hundredth) is an event that is 100% joyful, and it should cause only positive emotions! Remember this, but better write it down so that God forbid not forget! A positive attitude is half the success in any business, including amorous. Customized? Realized the beauty of the upcoming event? Now you can proceed to the next stage - how to behave?

Forget everything you've ever heard about "what girls men love." The second rule is be yourself! Believe me, unnaturalness does not attract anyone, and you are more likely to frighten away your hero with fake cheerfulness or excessive manneredness. What is, such is! And if he does not appreciate, then it’s just not your man. And we don’t need that, right?


Being veiled is not the main thing, but they are still greeted by clothes ... Therefore, it is important not to lose face, but not to overdo it. Clothes in which you go on a first date, should emphasize your naturalness. You should not wear your best evening gowns and put the "war paint" of an Indian on the warpath .... Everything has its time and place. A date is not an Oscar ceremony. Deliberate sexuality, bordering on vulgarity, is also useless. So flashy mini, mesh stockings and leopard leggings are best left at home and do something more casual, but, nevertheless, do not forget about elegance.

If you have a date-walk, a trip to the cinema or in a cozy cafe, then put on something convenient and comfortable. But this is not a tracksuit and not favorite sneakers! Jeans may well take place, but you should not wear them with an overly bright T-shirt with a defiant print. Comfortable trousers, a shirt or a jumper and low-heeled shoes are almost perfect for such a case (fatigue in the legs after walking down has never been canceled). In the warm season you should not pack a bunch of warm things with you, for fear of a cold snap. Dress for the weather. And if you freeze, there will be a reason to ask the young man for a jacket. With hair and make-up is not worth it - let the cosmetics be at a minimum, and the hair will be neatly removed or fell soft curls on his shoulders.

If the venue of the date goes beyond the ordinary pizzeria, the modest elegant dress can be complemented by discreet costume jewelry. In general, your appearance does not have to say that you have climbed out of your skin to please your beloved! Everything should be as natural as possible!

Is it necessary to be late?

They say that the girl should be late for a date for an hour ... But this “rule” was invented long before the invention of mobile phones. In our time in an hour you will receive a dozen SMS "Where are you ???". Even a very patient guy will still reach for the phone and press the "Call" button. So we are late by no more than fifteen minutes. You shouldn't come too early, otherwise the young man will feel embarrassed when he comes later.

When you meet, say hello as you usually greet your friends. "Hello. Nice to see you," will be enough.


Another very important question - what to say on a date? Adhere to the golden rule of radio hosts: do not be silent in any way! Otherwise, the young man will think that a) you are bored with him b) you are not interested in c) you are a young lady of a close mind. “Shut up, go for smart” - this is a delusion. So, support the conversation, but do not interrupt the interlocutor. You can talk in general about anything, avoiding taboo topics. These include the theme of ex-boyfriends / girls. Do not torture the young man, why he broke up with the previous passion, and in no case do not compare him with his ex. "Oh, how do you look like Serezha, my last!" Such phrases will be inappropriate and offensive. In general, the “personal” topic should not be the only topic of your conversation.

Talk about your interests, hobbies. It may turn out that you have a lot in common. Tell an interesting, funny life story. Remember a couple of such stories the day before. But do not break the Internet in search of those! It will be too much. Do not be clever, talk less about business - you are not at work, and do not “load” it with your own problems. Tell a funny, but not vulgar anecdote. Nothing brings you closer like a funny laugh.

In parting, thank your companion for a nice evening. Chances are good that this evening will be far from the last for both of you.

P.S: Kissing or not on the first date is a personal matter. Do not listen to anyone but your heart, and do as it says. Good luck and all the best!

Especially for - Olga Efremova

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