The first trip to the circus

Lead a child for the first time to the circus is recommended not earlier than 4-5 years. In the circus, the program is long enough for a small child, which leads to his emotional overload. More than two hours of noise is very difficult to sustain without preparation ... The perception of a small child does not withstand frequent changes of scenery, bright lights, loud music.

Before the first trip to the circus should explain in advance the rules of behavior on the submission. You can not make noise without a signal, jump up from your seat, walk around the hall during a performance and disturb others. Categorically you can not litter (all wrappers can be neatly folded in a pre-prepared garbage bag).

If the baby still violates the rules you set, then do not shout or scold the child, otherwise you risk getting not only tears, but a completely spoiled holiday. It is better to calmly tell him that he will have to leave if he does not obey. And, most importantly, safely fulfill your promise! May you partially lose the cost of a performance ticket, but reinforce the child’s understanding that adults are always responsible for their words and try to keep their promises. After all, this is what distinguishes adults from children, isn't it?

For the first trip to the circus you should definitely stock up on food and drink for the child. It can be sandwiches, fruit, juice. Before leaving the house, you should eat well in order to react less to various sweets in the circus hall.

The ideal place for the first time is away from the orchestra, to minimize the volume of musical instruments on the child's ears. If you sit too close to the playpen, then active animals can cause the fright of the baby. Therefore, the ideal place is in the middle of the visual places. It is there that the speakers are best seen, while being close to them is not at all scary.

It is best if you can choose a program in which there are no predators and animals that are scary for a child. It would be nice if someone of your friends had already been to this presentation and was able to give feedback on the level of performance.

It is better to go to the circus a little bit earlier, to allow the child to look around, get used to the hall, to the public. So many people at once he could not see before. You can walk around an empty arena, explain what it is for, show the location of the orchestra. Then for him there will be no surprise the appearance of loud music.

If suddenly the baby is still afraid of something, take him in your arms and try to calm him down. He will be better seen circus artists, and your close proximity will help you feel calmer.

From an abundance of new impressions, your baby may forget to ask for a toilet. Keep this in mind and take spare clothing from home beforehand. In no case do not scold him for the fact that he did not restrain himself and soaked his pants. To avoid this, you should often ask if he wants to go to the toilet.

If you see that the child is tired, you can briefly go to the lobby, escape from the noise, take a break, and then return to the show. With him you can even go out into the street, get some fresh air. That is why it is better to take seats at the aisle, so as not to distract other viewers from the performance with their movement. If, however, your baby is very tired, leave earlier. He still has a feeling of celebration and the next time you stay until the end of the performance.

Of course, all children are different. Someone and in two years will calmly react to loud music and large animals, and someone even in five years is not ready for this. You will see for yourself when your child likes to visit the circus.

After returning from his home, you immediately need to feed him and not to watch TV or very noisy entertainment on the same day. This will be an overload for him. Put him to bed should be on time.

The next day, when the child has already rested, you can discuss with him your trip to the circus. What he liked the most was that he didn’t like, answer all his questions. Explain to him what animal training is, how air gymnasts work, this will greatly expand his picture of the world.

Take pleasure with him! Your child is growing up, you can share more and more joys with it. And this means that now you become a little happier yourself!

Especially for Angelica C.

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