The desire to become a mother - maturity or emotionality


Kids familiar from quite often look like cute angels. And in the process of emotion comes the desire to acquire a fidget couple. But the two stripes on the test do not always give a feeling of happiness and delight, and the newborn is completely different from the expectations of the "ideal child."

Inconsistent feelings during pregnancy are normal. The hormonal background is a bit disturbed, doubts are cast in one's own ability to become a mother ... But since the decision has been made, one has to go to the victorious and wait for the baby to be born.

What is the reason that not always a crumb brings happiness to the house? Perhaps the whole thing - in deceived expectations? Try to think carefully about the children before you decide to start them. Peer at your feelings and answer the question "Why do I want to become a mother?" Usually the first thought that flashed through my head is true. Depending on the answer, you may have to wait a bit with the pregnancy and “mature” to such a responsible step.

"It is time"

More than two years of marriage, furnished apartment, normal work helps to enjoy life. But here parents require grandchildren, acquaintances hint at old age, and young moms with horror roll their eyes and threaten with various deviations from a late child. In general, one has to constantly make excuses and reject offers to be examined by a specialist. Not everyone believes in the reluctance to acquire offspring, so they begin to look for the cause in the health of the couple. It seems easier to really get offspring than to listen to the constant questions of others.

Tip:Think carefully about what you live for yourself. The lives of others is their business. With proper attitude to this issue, you can give birth after 35 and after 40. Therefore, it is not necessary to decide on the child only because of the obsession of others. Better it will appear a couple of years later, but it will be completely welcome and loved.

"Dream come true"

In childhood there was a dream to become a veterinarian, but I had to go to a marketer. I wanted to live in a mansion, but after returning to work in a rented apartment. Dreamed of "adult independence", you feel like in a cage. This list can go on forever.

Looking back, I want the fulfillment of at least one childhood dream. And what girl did not dream about her big family with several kids? And now the child for her becomes the desired embodiment of a dream. Sometimes dreams begin to transform into a desire to do everything possible so that your child can go to study at the vet.

Tip:sure that your child will want to fulfill your dreams, not yours? The newborn will be the same person as his close relatives. If you are not ready to accept all his hobbies with an open heart, then you should learn a lot before giving birth to a baby! You do not want to make him unhappy, blocking the path to their own hobbies? Remember your feelings and give him the opportunity to make a choice.

"Family Strengthening"

Men eventually stop giving flowers, organize romantic walks and weigh compliments every 5 minutes. It seems that all topics are discussed, there are less common interests, and life goes on. Women think that the birth of a child will be able to "revive" the relationship, bring a new stream into the gray days.

Tip: better consult your spouse if you are not ready to shoulder the burden of raising a child. The birth of the baby can not only unite, but also postpone two people. Therefore, find other reasons for the birth of a baby, otherwise your "plan" may fail miserably.

"Continuation of happiness"

You live with your husband very happily, everything around pleases. Inside, there is growing gratitude to parents for giving you two lives in their time. And somehow I naturally want to give life to someone else. Your love is so huge that you really want to share with her!

Tip:Is it really possible to think about something else? When two hearts beat in unison and want procreation, no domestic problems can stop them. As practice shows, such people begin to “grow wings” behind the back at the time of confirmation of pregnancy of the woman. And all the forces are directed to ensure that everything is ready at the highest level for the birth of the baby.

Sometimes single women tend to bring love into their home at least in this way - the birth of a child. It is difficult to give unambiguous advice. In this case, the risk of creating a special world around this child increases. And with age it becomes more and more difficult to “let go” of your kolinochka into a happy adult life, because the fear of loneliness has not disappeared anywhere. Still, it is better when the child grows up in a full-fledged family, where there is both a father and a mother.

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